Whey protein supplement dosage?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Hadson, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Good evening.

    Decided to give this a try as I can't really add enough protein via diet unfortunately.
    I've read a lot of conflicting ideas about dosage. The general consensus seems to be it goes via weight.

    I'm a touch over 12 stone, I'll check more accurately shortly. Does age have much bearing on dose?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Read what it says on the side of the tub.....it's straight forward.
  3. Whey Isolate, at least the stuff I used, was to be taken with 400ml of water, morning and evening, with an additional drink immediately after a workout.

    Bodyweight is not a factor.
  4. Basically it says do not consume XX amount when first taking, and the water to powder ratio.
  5. 20 - 30g per serving are what you should look to take PER SERVING as you could possibly overload your kidneys however the general guidlines for total protein consumption/day is:

    1g per lb of bodyweight

    So you weight approx. 168lbs so you should be consuming 168g of protein per day through food or supplements.

    I need to take 60g of protein per day and usually end up having 2 - 3 20g shakes and a good helping of meat.

    If you take them as snacks; it's a healthy way to keep your metabolism going well. Make sure you have one after workout within 15mins as that's the optimum muscle uptake window.
  6. Dont forget to add fruit to the mix for added fibre. Bananas or berries do well.
  7. Choc + bananas are my favourite. Much more palatable!
  8. In fact body weight is a factor as the body will need between (depended on desired effect - hypotrophy, strength or power training) 1.0g -2.0g per kgs of body weight. However, the body can only digest a certain amount of protein per sitting; anymore and it will just excrete it out as urea. (expensive wee in my opinion).

    It is advisable to cut the dosage by half and increase the frequency. That said, nitrogen is the most significant part of protein (all fats, carbs and protein contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen). If the nitrogen balance is tilted then more will be excreted to keep the equilibrium. Simple really