Whey Protein and Creatine

These two are perfectly legal in the eys of the law, but just to be sure, are they OK for the army? I know I'm probably worrying over nothing, but just want to be sure.

Thanks :thumright:
Yes, they're okay though the MoD advises to make sure you drink plenty of water with them as creatine and too much whey is known to leave you dehydrated which I assure you it does. I'm sure a few on here though will tell you they're just as bad as steroids or that your liver will fall off.
Thanks pal, I know about the water and always drink plenty with it otherwise my arms and legs ache.
You dont really need them whey is ok to stop your muscles aching the day after and be careful with creatine, dont take it near your medical because it can cause your pulse to rise and cause false murmurs, can also cause kidney stones too.
How? I haven't said he will damage any organs or there as bad as steroids just stating FACTS and what I have been told about my medical
Did the MO also happen to mention to you that you were a ******* mong? I think he must have noticed cos we all have
I just took a shit load of test 400 and speed before my medical and I was grand. My advice though, try not to breath too much before your medical, causes hyperventilation and becoming a spastic.
Thanks everyone for the input, I think I'll play it safe and not take it on the day of the medical just to be sure, but I will still take them for my routine as I have definately noticed a difference.
Have you ever considered that your recruiter may know fuckall about the effects of protein and creatine on the body?
Yes but I do,only ever took whey though was going to get creatine till i heard about possible kidney stones etc. I also expect you to be an expert nutritionist.
Just to make sure, Creatine won't give me a 'fake heart murmur' for the medical as someone above said?
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