Whetting the babies head

It is 23 April and an Englishman, Scotsman, Welshman & Irishman are in a pub celebrating the birth of the englishman's first born baby boy.

The Englishman is contemplating what name to call his son. He announces 'Since my baby boy was born today on St Georges day I have decided to call him George after the patron Saint of England'

'Thats an amazing coincidence' says the Welshman 'My boy was born on 1 March St Davids Day and I named him David!!'

'Bloody hell' says the Scotsman 'My son was born on St Andrews Day and I called him Andrew! What are the chances of that??'

'Fcuk me' exclaims the Irishman 'Wait til I go home and tell our Pancake!!!!'
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