Whether to apply for an officier cadetship or not....

Hi Everyone,
Last year I applied to become a student nurse through the Army but, sadly, was rejected at the final stage because they felt I wasn't ready. I have since started university, studying to become a nurse, but still want to be in the Army. I was looking at officier cadetships and thought it would be good as I would not have to leave uni. What I want to know I whether its worth going through all the stress of selection again and what my chances would be. Would my past failure hinder me at all? Any advice would be much appriciated.
Perhaps you should learn to spell 'officer' before applying to be one.

Also if you can't cope with the stress of the officer selection process, how do you think you are going to manage the stress of being an officer?

I suggest that you need to really think about what you want and balance that with what you are really suited to. If all you're trying to do is get funding through university and have no real desire to serve in the army, then stay away; if you do wish to serve and feel you have the will and ability to be a leader (which is what all officers are, including nurses), then go ahead and re-apply.

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Hi Pars,

Taking part in training through the UOTC was one of the best things I've done and provides a myriad of adventure training opportunities and you get paid, so why not try that?

It'll give you a chance to experience aspects of military life and the opportunity to talk to seasoned soldiers. The selection process (so long as you're relatively fit and able) is a doddle. Plus, if you decide the Army isn't for you, you can simply walk away.
Brave-coward, it was actually suggested to me whilst on selection that I should have applied as an officer. Thanks for the advice though, I'll take it into account....
(I'm dyslexic, by the way, so spelling is not a strong point)
Thanks for this, UseTheFrags. I am hopfully appling the OTC next year because I missed the selection process this year. Thanks again.

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