Wheres your lothian question now pal?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cuddles, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. Alex Salmond, who ordinarily I do not give much time too, certainly opened a new era in Anglo Scottish politics last night. After nigh ten years of yessir-ing from "Honest" Jack, wee Alex has steamed into Tony/Gordon big time over the Lockerbie bomber.

    I think Gordon should be shifting uneasily in his (Scottish) seat at Westminster but Tony will be glad he has handed back the key to the executive lavvies. I doubt not that the first Minister is going to be looking to make some pretty substantial points about nationality and influence - even if it means an uneasy wedding of convenience with the Scottish tories.
  2. If nothing else, it'll make a refreshing change from the unending series of Sewell Motions.

    As an aside, you'd be forgiven for expecting TB (trained barrister) to know what division of powers were contained in the Scottish devolution settlement - considering he brought it in.

    Or am I being naive?
  3. oldbaldy

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  4. I pity the man (or indeed fetid yes-woman) who takes Mr Salmond on appealing to his sense of faith in the Union. He'll get his airse handed to him, quick time.
  5. Missed this first time round. Blimey, she really wasn't going to let anything but the Party line get across there. A complete lack of knowledge of events in the SP, she just wound up looking vicious and stupid. Fair play to Eck, though, he held his temper well. I loved the look of confusion that hit his face when she started frothing at the mouth.

    Also, nice to hear that there's cross party support for upholding the jurisdiction of the Paurly. Makes a refreshing changes from the supine McConnell days. Maybe there's hope for it yet.

  6. Taxi for Kirsty Wark. Roll on the SNP and Salmond. They will murder Labour next time round. Salmond is easily the smartest of the leaders.
  7. Vintage Bliar - imperious, high-handed, secretive, utterly immoral and completely inept.
  8. I take then that Jack 'The Lad' McConnell will taking a long holiday soon.This is what Scottish politics have been waiting a long time for,someone like the SNP to come in and look through the books to see where these Labour yes men have undermined our nation for the benefits of the (union).More power to Salmond folks hopefully he will reveal where Labour have gone wrong on a number of issues.
  9. A interesting piece of how biased the bbc is. On scottish issues unless it followed the Westminster line that Labour Lacky presenter was not having the interview turned against her, interesting her flippant remark when she cut the First Minister off would she have done that to TB or GB i think not. :pissedoff:
  10. The rancid Kirsty Wark is a well-known Liabour luvvie, supporter and whitewasher of the Scottish Parliament debacle and holiday companion of Jack McConnell. Once the post-election dust settles, I am sure there will be a clear-out of these Liabour liabilities.

    Salmond is right to be furious. Although the MoU states that the agreement of the devolved administrations and judiciaries was required, it was appalling constitutional and diplomatic practice not to formally consult the Scottish Executive and Lord Advocate prior to the drafting and signature of the memo. McConnell has admitted that pressure was brought to bear with regard to the transfer of the so-called Lockerbie bomber when he was First Minister. There are 3 clear conclusions to draw:

    1. The only constitution this nation possesses is whatever Bliar thinks expedient at the time.

    2. The Lockerbie prosecution was fundamentally flawed and Megrahi's conviction is unsafe.

    3. Libya is a virgin market for exploitation by BAE, Shell, BP etc and Bliar (etc) will do anything - no matter how odious - to ensure that they get first bite of the cherry, and that the all-important non-executive directorships are kept on ice for post-political careers.

    I cannot believe the depths this country has sunk to, and the decline has accelerated in proportion to the closeness of Bliar's departure. I hope the cash-for-honours prosecution decision is not taken before his departure as there will be an attempt to scupper that as well. If he was not going anyway, there would be a clear moral case for his removal from office by any means necessary, whether constitutional or unconstitutional.
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    What an astonishing piece of television! The fact that Ms Wark, from the BBC, has been on holiday with Mr Salmond's predecessor, the then Labour First Minister, may perhaps give us a hint where her allegiance lies.

    My complaint to the BBC is in already, and I would advise others to do the same. If she had been interviewing the Head of the Welsh Assembly, or Ian Paisley, or the Vicar Blair himself, she would have been much more grovelling.

    Salmond came across very well indeed, and as a reasonable man (rather than the frothing looney I had him down as). This interview alone has probably gained the SNP a great number of votes (not mine of course, being English - the sooner we're shot of the Scots the better!)

    My opinion of the BBC slips even lower -something I find hard to believe possible......
  12. Salmond was portrayed as a frothing loony when Scottish Nationalists were seen as an extreme, no-hoper, minority party; a bit like the Conservatives in England for example. Now they are a credible party of government you can cut through the cr4p and see him for what he actually is.

    I wonder if the new FM has sent down for his security services file yet? The good lord knows that the British (Unionist) government tried to stitch him up frequently.
  13. Alex Salmond is no fool. I have had a very low opinion of him in the past (he was apparently disrespectful at an RAF Buchan guest night during the Loyal Toast), but he is head-and-shoulders above the competition for First Minister (although Annabel Goldie is proving impressive) and he showed courage by actually picking a fight with the Lib Dem incumbent for Gordon (the seat not the morose politician) rather than walking into a safe seat.
  14. Please don't assume that Kirsty Wark and the BBC are the same. As has been stated she is a Labour Luvvie complete with bearded husband. The good news is that Jeremy Paxman hates her (allegedly). Have to agree though, on this occasion Mrs Wark did not even attempt to hide her individual bias.

    Up the SNP!
  15. oldbaldy

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