Where's the red in the Olympics kits and logo's?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by graeme838, May 6, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone noticed that the British Olympic kits, and the advertising logo's, consist of blue/white/blue - there's no red?!

    WTF Stella McCartney?

    Are we so afraid of any sign of Englishness that we are now presenting the Olympics as Scottish? I know NI and Wales also have some element of red in their sporting kits, but I'm English, hence my gripe.

  2. Have you been in a coma since March or are you just slow?
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  3. And what about that Neville chamberlain...untrustworthy I reckon.
  4. Lots of people have noticed this, even the people that started the threads about it when the strip was announced. But hey as mentioned have you been asleep for the last couple of months
  5. Fixed for accuracy.^_~
  6. Pardon me...I didn't realise that it posts are only allowed within 4 microseconds of the subject becoming live...and I'm not a journo, I'm an out of work H&S bod (probably almost as bad lol)
  7. They don't have to be within 4 microseconds but by now no one gives a shit as the bus has been and gone and is now on another subject.
  8. Bloody hell have you heard about that upstart in Germany Adolph something or other. He needs watching might cause a bit of trouble with the economy being the way it is over there.
  9. rumor has it that there is a new uniform out as well, but get this we don't tuck the Jacket in, Know that will never happen.
  10. Oh no. No red. Oh no.
  11. Not another one, that bloke ADOLF caused enough trouble back in the 30s and 40s!
  12. It will have come Miss Jessica Ennis' rag week.
  13. So there isn't any red in it. Big fucking deal.

    Would red make them go faster, win more medals? Buy one, colour it in red if you want....
  14. Thank fuck its blue. Weather is shit and a Jock is in the final of Wimbledon. Bring it home for BritainAndy you miserable Jock Feck!
  15. It's not the first time that we haven't included red:

    [​IMG]Used by units under South East Asia Command and in the CBI theatre in 1942. Red removed to avoid confusion with the hinomaru but retained on fin flash. Not used for very long before being replaced by light blue/dark blue roundel.

    [​IMG]Used by units under South East Asia Command and in the CBI theatre mid 1942-46. Red removed to avoid confusion with the hinomaru. Initially red was overpainted with white but this compromised the camouflage and the normal roundel blue was mixed 50/50 with white. Many aircraft in the CBI theatre used roundels and fin flashes of approximately half the normal dimensions. A blue/white roundel, sometimes with US-style white bars, was also used on Fleet Air Arm aircraft. Blue/white roundels were also used by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), which simply over-painted the red dot in white, regardless of previous proportions.

    (from Wiki)

    It's hardly surprising that red has been omitted, given that the bloke who owns the London Olympics, Seb Coe, is a Tory Peer.