Wheres the Poppies? Not in Plymouth!

I live in Plymouth, from where a lot of people have gone off into
hostile theatres recently. It's also got a big connection with
HM Forces. Unfortunately; not a lot of people seem to give a t*ss.

Having just replaced my worn poppy, this morning, I had to go quite a way to find one! What happened to all the Poppy Sellers?

Why isn't big business and commerce doing more to support the poppy sales? Well, any big business want to answer that one please ?

Naming and shaming is pointless, because there isn't one single
shop I've been in to, that is selling a poppy. Forgive me if I missed one,
but there aint any shops, I have seen, selling poppies locally.

Worst culprit? ....the ones with the sheep advert. "It's all at your **** now" well in fact everything BUT poppies. And they're supposed to be a community society ! "No, we don't sell poppies". Well, excuse me.

Why isn't more being done to support our service people in hostile
theaters? Are we forgetting they're bl**dy well out :x there ?

This really makes my blood boil. Apparently, poppy sellers are under threat from moronic little scroats who try to pinch the money. Then there are the "PC" brigade who don't want to upset other cultures! WHAT?

There should be more poppies on sale, more people selling them, and to heck with upsetting anyone. And give the poppy sellers a police escort!

Thanks for letting me rant. Take care and God bless. I promise to keep quiet now, honest.

Walt :D
Good Rant ,Fella! I come from Plymouth but am based in Germany. so I can well relate to the fact that your average Janner Retard couldn't give a monkey's about a Red, green, yellow or sky bloody pink poppy as long as they could get their Giro every month and buy shite chav clothes and get leathered/off their face in "jesters" every week.
This is not just a Plymouth problem though, it is spread across the U.K, and makes me sick to to the bone. Why do most Seniors (and Juniors) I talk to, now consider emigrating a better choice than living in the country that they have spent the majority of their lives defending?Take a good look around you, we will soon be I do not consider myself an overly political type of guy, but whilst on leave (in Plymouth actually) recently, a good friend of mine , who owns a very well known shop on the Barbican, turned around and said to me that it has "all gone pete tong since Labour got in and they need Fu:+~*^ shooting ASAP"
Can't say I condone shooting anyone, but I hear what he is saying!!
Can't remember it being this bad 10-15 years ago, though. : :x :rage:
Plymouth is a major chav town unfortunately, having lived there for 30 odd years I`ve seen it go down hill fast. I moved to Swindon in 2000 which was even worse, and am now happily esconced at the far tip of Cornwall. I do remember an instance in the Quay Club toilets in the late eighties where some student was condemning the lads serving in Ireland, I was surprised by the number of blokes holding his head in the pan while the flush was pulled repeatedly 8O
Okay guys, seems as if I'm not quite alone in my feelings about Plymouth. I'll be stirring up more people this week, when I demand that
people start sending Xmas cards out to people in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Just remember that there are people who are thinking of you all, there.

[ :headbang: The Post Office Says'......
The Stoke Post Office (Devonport/Plymouth) say that we can send up to 2 kilos of stuff , FREE :D to operational theatres this Xmas.
There are quite a few people who can afford to donate, so let's see if
we can stir things up.

So there should be something on the way out to the people that we should be remembering, this Xmas. And damn right, too. :wink:

As for Plymouth, it's gone from being a lovely Devon City with bags of
history and character, to a chavvy/ mixed Legoland with a massive drugs problem. Historic buildings are left to fall down, deliberately neglected. The New Palace Theatre became a drugs den, and now stands rotting. Trees grow out of the roof, and maybe it's just going to fall down so they can demolish that too.

There is a homelessness problem, Plymothians sleep on the streets whilst others take the new Flats. Homeless women have almost nowhere to go in Plymouth. Others receive immediate help. But I know it's much much worse elsewhere, in this country, and we are by comparison; lucky. This is the legacy of politics.

The only people who benefit from Government policy and immigration, are the builders and developers. And, of course, the Estate Agents. All these are quite happy to live in a landscape they have helped to destroy, with little conscience. You can't have a conscience AND dosh, can you?

In a year, Plymouth will be unrecognisable, as demand for housing feeds the bulldozers and the cursed property developers. To bang the final nail in to the coffin; they want to close the Dockyard. No doubt they'll have some reason for killing Plymouth, but we'll never know the real reasons.

I speak to local people. Good people. Mature, good ex Forces men who help out at the Navy Days, and Open Days in the Dockyard. All the changes and poor treatment hurt them. They think no-one cares about them, or about Plymouth.

More shoe box housing is going up, all the time. The Government and local authoritiy? no comment. Our MP? no comment. The damage, across the country, is done. I'm just glad I saw Plymouth in its heyday, before our customs and identity were trampled , and by many different feet.
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