Wheres The Pig Board?

Wheres the pig board? its about time that ARRSE put up this long awaited Pig Board, it would be a great bit of kit.
ARRSE members, ex-chicks, that sort of stuff.
You are in for a very special treat

We have a selection of munters and growlers that have kindly sent Flash a catalogue of piccies..He then took it upon himself double cross them and send us all the pics. We did the right thing and put a pig board together :D

Most of the trouts are mingers but there is the odd exception.
when will we get to see these lovely 'ladies'?
Be patient young man, be patient... all things minging will be presented shortly... well, when Aunty Stella finishes work and posts them :D
Are there going to be ugly blokes on there too????
So do us girlies get pickies for you gorgeous guys then?
It's only fair don't you think :?:
Brite, he did send that photo, he also captured the picture after you left where the vile vapours from your minging ring rotted the paintwok better than a can of Nitromors
Dale The Snail said:
Are there going to be ugly blokes on there too????
They all look like ugly blokes - but I am reliably informed they are in fact female.
BriteGirlie said:
Oh Flashy my dear man,.......

...I do hope you didn't send them that piccie of me laying starkers across a red Lamborghini??? :roll:
Is that the red Lambo that required extensive panel beating to get into back into shape ? Or was that the one BBC sat on ?
I obviuosly don't know them as well as you BG. I stand corrected, sorry guys, she's scarier than you.
Any of you ladies want to see me, looking in the photo's section. I'm available for parties and wedding or as an escort, have an average size penis, love pizza and can drink lager till I wet myself. Gay men need not apply unless willing to pay £2000 non refundable deposit.
Gunny can't charge anymore with that sagging hoop of his....even gays have standards and like them Guten Tight :lol:
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