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Wheres the Northern LI gone (except DLI)?

Just this sent to me ....

FAS Inf said:
3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
HQ Company (ex HQ Coy, Tyne Tees Regiment)
W Company (reformed from elm. 100 Pioneer Sqn, RLC)
X Company
Y (Durham Light Infantry) Company (ex C Coy TTR)
Z Company

3rd Battalion, Kings Lancashire and Cumbria Regiment
HQ Company (ex HQ and B Coy, LCV)
A Company (ex A Coy LCV)
B Company (ex A and C Coys, KCR)
C Company (ex C Coy, LCV)
D Company (ex D Coy, LCV)

4th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment
HQ Company (ex HQ and Imphal Coys, EWRR)
A Company (ex A and B Coys, TTR)
B Company (ex Ypres Coy, EWRR)
C Company (ex Fontenoy Coy, EWRR)
D Company (ex Quebec Coy, EWRR)

4th Battalion, Mercian Regiment
HQ Company
A (Warwickshire Fusiliers) Company (ex A Coy, WMR)
B (Cheshire) Company (ex B and D Coys, KCR)
C (Forseters) Company (ex C Coy, WMR and D Coy EER)
D (Staffordshire) Company (ex C and D Coys, WMR)
So far so good remnants of the old KSLI, KOYLI look to have gone to regional LI but .......

LI & RGJ Merger said:
6th Battalion, The Rifles
HQ Company (ex HQ and E Coys, Rifle Vols)
A (Gloucestershire) Company (ex A (RGBWLI) Coy, Rifle Vols)
B (Somerset and Cornwall) Company (ex B and D Coys, Rifle Vols)
C (Devon and Dorset) Company (ex C Coy Rifle Vols)
D (Shropshire and Herefordshire) Company (ex E Coy, WMR)

7th Battalion, The Rifles
HQ Company (ex HQ Coy, RRV)
A (Oxfordshire) Company (ex A Coy, RRV)
B (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Company (ex B (LI) Coy, RRV)
C (London) Company (ex F and G Coys, Londons)
D (Buckinghamshire) Company (ex E Coy, RRV)

Do you have TAC locations for these units? I heard a rumour that there was going to be no inf representation in Manchester...

No soz ..... unless my source knows??

of the above the RRF may not gain a W Coy (so 3 Coy strong) and possibly Yorks may have 5 coys

EER LI Coy (Minden) is converting to RE.

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