Where's the HAC?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Purple_Emperor, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. Havent seen anyone I know from the HAC recently. Have they been called up? Acording to their website a few of them were out there for Telic 1 but havent seen anything else.

    They always used to bang on about the fact that if anyone was going to get called up, they would be. Not trying to ask in a perjorative way, just interested.

    Dont think this is an OPSEC issue at all but if it is, feel free to tell me to shut up! :D
  2. Up to their usual tricks. If you know some of them, ring them up and ask?
  3. Good point, well made. I just used to bump into them at various things so dont have their contact details.
  4. You could always IM memsec.
  5. Who cares?
  6. well did they get called up or not I dont think it really opsec to say
    yes or no or shall we just assume they not there and start slagging them off as stay behinds :lol:
  7. Several were there long before you.
  8. Be honest, Mushroom, although they may be top blokes etc and throw ace parties, their NCOs don't do Brecon and their Grown Ups dont do PCBC and so they aint gonna go as anything other than individuals.
  9. I'm not at all sure what the HAC does in detail and don't really care. Woody made a comment about slagging them off as stay behinds, and I said that some of them were there before Woody.

    Do they have an infantry wing or are they still all Gunners. The chaps I saw were G2/Linguists.
  10. They have a specialist role, and a number of other duties. Read all about them here: http://www.hac.uk.com/

    Due to the extremely high calibre of recruit (just for starters!) the HAC often provides skilled manpower for a number of operations worldwide.
  11. One member of the Regiment deployed on Op Telic and that was a chick sent to Media Ops. Very Special.
  12. Utter rubbish.

  13. The_Sloping_Wire wrote:
    During the recent war in Iraq, 15 members of the regiment were mobilised, and seven actually deployed to theatre, though most were not utilised in their specialist capacities

    Translated as: 1 person actually went to war in role in Iraq - and she was Media Ops attached to HAC. STA patrols didn't get mobilised. If I've overlooked the odd signaller or bloke on attachment to 4/73, apologies.

    HAC (or is it 24? Sorry) did nothing in Telic, whereas almost all other London units did - look at Londons and 4 PARA (been there continuously since the start). Nothing wrong with that. So what's the point of HAC?
  14. OH Goody :lol: this topic has devolved into slagging off the hac always fun .Some of them were were their before me but then some of my unit
    were there before me and I'm sure some will be after me .
    All we asked was did the Hac deploy a formed unit or not ?
    If mushroom had read my post properly I actually wanted to know wether they had deployed or not before i started slagging them off as stay behinds .I'm sure its a great unit and from the bits of the web page
    I could read I'm sure its soldiers are highly skilled ,But as it didnt deploy
    in any great numbers .
    So we can slag it off :lol: joy