where's that snail gone

Richard Webster, another organiser of the event, added: "We haven't had much response yet from people. But things involving snails generally go rather slowly."

Not much response yet? Now there's a surprise - since when has art ever received much of a response in this country?

And if art doesn't get a response, then what hope is there for a half-witted, publicity seeking stunt like this claiming to be art? Done embalmed animals, done unmade beds. What else is there? I know! Let's paint a snail or two. Better do it in non-toxic, wash-off, paint though. Don't want to offend anyone like the Snails Rights lobby*

Right, gonna stop there before someone says they used public funding & I get into a real rant....

for further details of this worthwhile cause email D T Snail, www.mollusc_rights.org.
Probably found their way onto someones plate at the local french restuarant swimming in garlic butter and parsley 8O

I used to love stamping on snails when I was a kid..........check with the local primary school :wink: :lol:
If the slug needs more paint, I have a few litres going spare 8O

Just give me a day or 2 to prepare and then a week to recover :wink:
X-Inf said:
Do we get to paint Dale the Snail's back?
Dale The Snail - Sponsored by Arrse!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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