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Where's that accomplished ARRSE author???

Possibly a year ago someone on this board posted a series of essays that were very well received by this company and several, including myself, asked that he continue composing. I cannot recall his name, obviously, and did a brief advanced search, but found nothing that looked familiar.

So, literary master, if your are reading this, please provide more of the same. This time I promise to shortcut your thread to my desktop!!!
It might help if you posted what the subject of the essays was... Wordsmith
Therein lies the problem. I could guess it might have been his romantic or his military personal history, but whatever the topic, his writings were absolutely first cabin.

Damn me! Memory loss is a hell of a thing to experience.
Never worked out what happened with Cuddles. Is there a thread containing the de-bagging?
There wasn't actually an "outing" thread as such.

Cuddles was merely mentioned in a few posts about being a Colonel, para trained etc. when in reality he was a rotund middle aged accountant who had once appeared on Mastermind.

He seemed to stop posting shortly afterwards.

The bullshitting civvy cock end.
I liked Capt Plumes posts.

Cuddles was a TA GPO in the GVA, can't remember if he made Capt, probably but no higher. It was an OP Bty back then, the Bty then had affiliations with 7 RHA and then 29 Cdo, but he would have left long before that for CVHQ I suspect.
The Bty had affiliations with those units but as far as Cuddles getting stuck into some slipstream and hard physical graft, there's more chance of me not deriding the TA as an organisation.

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