Wheres Santa?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bootifull, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. Over Japan?

    The only decent thing ever to grace the skies of Japan was dropped in 1945. Evil fcukers.
  2. aah the spirit of christmas prevailing as ever. Fallschirm you miserable get.......
  3. ohh goody nearly here
  4. If santas a Jap, does that mean there's a nasty nip in the air?
  5. he's dropping something disguised as a crimbo pressie over pyongyang....
  6. I can tell you the heathen parts of the world hes not in right now
  7. Britain? :)
  8. And the big question is: Could the British Army do Santa's job better?

    Suggestions for which units could do the job for him and how they'd go about it?

    Go on Fal, you know you want to!
  9. Well he's in Malaysia now apparently. I heard he picked up a chick with a dick in Thailand.
  10. Apparently Father Christmas is disappointed with his proposed pay increase of only 3.4%, while deductions are to increase, giving santa an overall net percentage pay rise of -0.45%, Santa is in arbitration with Parcel Force (who Santa works for), if the arbitration fails, Santa is believed to be contemplating the creation of a terrorist cell in the North Pole inflicting terrorism around the world until his pay demands are meet. Santa is also dissapointed that Parcel Force are considering restructuring their North Pole depot and replacing the sleigh with a new ford transit van, in red livery... saying that the Sleigh no longer complies with stringient EU regulations on emissions, with the transit also being more cost effective, and the majority of his work now being sub-contracted to Polish postman
  11. Oi he's in Berlin, not long now...
  12. When Santa got stuck up the chimney, he began to shout,
    "You boys and girls won't get any toys until you pull me out!
    There's soot in my sack ,and my nose is black and my throat is tickling too.
    When Santa got stuck up the chimney ....Atchoo!. Atchoo! Atchoo.!!
  13. I am walting as santa as I type all be it minus the beard and red suit,I have however lied to my kids that he will be visiting tonight .....well hes not its me... Ha, walting it up as a father christmas NCO 1st north pole sleigh Regt and I've got the order of the elf first class .... ok i lied i bought that of the legion of frontiersmen

    think I`ll leave the malt alone now
  14. Lol the kids will be saying some pissed up cnut walked into their room last night but they didnt see santa :D