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Something Read on Aljazeera:

Could Saddam Hussein be striking a last-minute deal?

Iraqi president Saddam Hussein may be negotiating an eleventh-hour deal that could see him exiled to a safe country.

Speculation has rife as to whether Saddam Hussein is dead, alive, staying with his government or fleeing. In the last few minutes Lebanese television has reported that he is in the safety of the Russian embassy.

Al Jazeera's correspondent in Moscow reported earlier today that the Russian delegation that came under fire from US forces as it left Baghdad on 7 April may have been dealing with senior representatives of the Iraqi government in guaranteeing a safe exit for Saddam Hussein.

A Russian diplomat wounded in Iraq and his colleague arrive at the Russian embassy in Damascus  
“This explains the lack of resistance by the Republican Guard and Iraqi forces,” a Russian general told Al-Jazeera on condition of anonymity.

Akram Khouzam, Al-Jazeera’s reporter in Moscow, reports that the general's claim may explain the absence of organised resistance in Iraq, even in the capital itself where communications could not have been disrupted completely.

How are Russo-American Relations Now?


The Mad Monk
Who cares about the Russians.  Another spent force, who are more than likely going to be a tad embarrassed by what weaponry and or specialist eqpt are found in Iraq during the follow up, as a good deal of it will probably have entered Irag after the last war, during the sanctions.   Be interesting to see if any Frog or Kraut stuff is there as well.............not to forget some of our own ;)
Never mind Saddam, no doubt the septics will do a deal

In order of priority for where things are

1. POW's where are they? Especially after one got lifted, I imagine the others weren't treated too well

2. WMD's How long will it take to plant errrrr discover them? If anyone can remember back 21 days, it's the reason we went to war apparently.


PartTimePongo..................you are so correct..............where is the evidence that Iraq was a threat to us in the UK and the states ?  They have not shown the world that they were justified in this war..........when will this happen...........they need to get the stuff on telly and then we can all go "OK war was justified" but if they don't..................!

Remember where is the SMOKING GUN ?


I think the relief of the Iraqi people that they are now truly free is enough for me. I only wish we finished the job in 91.


I think the relief of the Iraqi people that they are now truly free is enough for me. I only wish we finished the job in 91.

hear hear , ive been saying that since day 1  :mad: the UN is just a talking shop spouting lofty ideals which is wonderful in theory but a load of crap in the real world
I suspect the reason we didn't finish the job last time wasn't anything to do with the UN - more to do with the deal struck with the surrounding Arab nations in exchange for their support.


or could it have been that after the world's media saw the road to barsa, and how the yanks had shot it up, the ppl around the world, wouldn't let us continue?

or maybe

the usa did a deal, and sadam said he would play along?

But then at least we have done it now, freed the people, and the price of oil should come down???? ;)

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