Where's our pig?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Capt Cheeky, Jan 23, 2004.

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  1. My old unit had a stuffed boars head mounted in the drill hall for what seems like eternity until it suddenly dissapeared.

    This wasn't the first time ,as is rumoured, the blighter ended up "sending us a post-card" from the Falklands saying "having a fantastic time, see you in six months". Luckily the blighter ended up in its usual place sooner or later.

    The main suspects were Tayforth UOTC and ADStAUAS but both deny any involvement.

    If anyone has any conspiracy theories to Pigsy's whereabouts or could shed some light on where another one could be obtained from feel free to fire on a post or two.
  2. the pig! bring back the pig! vigilanty mob next w'end, well get a minibus and do a snatch on scumdee's drill hall...balaclava's and coshs are optional...mind the old pepper spray/mouth wash!
  3. Dundonians were only suspected to have shanghai-ed ol' Pigsy mate.....

    all's good though, I'm currently liasing with a TUOTC insider.....

    Wait a sec.... what are the legalities behind shooting one ourselves? Stuffing it could be a problem but no doubt that's a problem overcome with black-nasty and a few sand-bags! 8O
  4. two stories as to the pig that i've come accross....... First I was informed by someone that it was a joke that got out of hand and that we would never find the chap and we should just put it down to experiance.

    Second.... I hear that it may have a place on a wall in luchars?? If anyone can confirm the location of our prized piggy than I hear and now volunteer my services in any mission which maybe required to libirate said piggy from his captors and return him to his rightful home (RSB) and to his normal job (hatstand for the URNU and UAS on remeberance)
  5. Right time to schedule an O-Group for the aformentioned raid....

    any suggestions on place / time?
  6. a pub somewhere. make it aquiet one so we can hear ourselfs plan the down fall of the pig napping scum! let me know when ur next in town and we shall meet up,
  7. Pig-Raid O-Gp tonight?

    I'll text you the grid & time!

    Oh.... thieves, I'm currently operating a pig / stereo / scanner etc amnesty... PM me if you feel guilty!
  8. Well I can safely scuttle the rumour that Tayforth nicked your stuffed pig. I'd love to say it was us but we only steal from each other i.e B sqn do the nicking from A sqn (those nice chaps simply don't have it in them) and well C coy...sorry Charlie fire team...there's only 6 of them and the combined effort of trying to think up a coherent plan for the theft of a pig would kill them. Try the Air Sqn muppets.
  9. Lt "fatcakes" B,
    just to confirm as commander in chief of stealing stuff whilst at TUOTC - I have absolutely no idea what you are on about. Although i do remember having a flag amnesty with you whilst at redford one winter camp.

  10. Just as this threahas been rekindled so has the local neds affection for breaking into my bloody Golf and nabbing things....

    That's my stereo gone anain amongst other things...

    If I ever catch the little scheme dwelling oik who perpretrated this act I may have to istall a bag of doorknobs onto his spotty little face. :evil:

    Ho hum....

    Oh anyone going to the Remembrance parade at Kings College this year???
  11. Right then if Gayforth can be ruled out then I think we should just kill the pipe band as I have a sneeking suspision they had something to do with the piggy going walk about. At the very least someone knows something as it was a former D&P who told me we would never see the piggy again.

    While we are at it..... If the persons who have taken my stick are reading this then be warned.... YOUR GETTING IT!!!!!! I still await your demands as you should await a size 8 firmly placed on your face as you are curled up on the ground holding your balls.
  12. If someone at Tayforth did nick the pick then they have got it in their living room somewhere because it certainly isn't in our mess. As for you raiding our mess, its a virtual impossibility, our PSI is too good at preventing people stealing stuff, to the extent that he had me drill through the feet of a 4 inch tall ceramic bear and screw it to the wooden window sill that it sits on - before getting a drill bit and drilling out the screwheads so that no one could unscrew it. We in B Sqn do have an eye on a St Andrews stag though.
  13. The mystery has been unravelled to the extent I'm slightly aware of the circumstances around the pigs dissapearance but as yet don't know names orf those involved but needless to say 'ol pigsy ain't coming back.


    A Sqn have got a natty stag then.... hmm proffing mission afoot methinks....
  14. now now we may be small but all good things come in small pacags. eney way infentr is the way forward. butit is very true that A squ just dont have it in them.
  15. Space cadet... behave, what you meant to say instead of the above is "it could only have been B Sqn from Tayforth as we are all thieving neds"