Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Paul_and_co, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. As a substantive WO2 of 2 years, im getting a bit concerned at not being given my warrant yet. Is this something I should be chasing up or is it usual for the warrant to take an age to materialise? Short and sweet post cos its half time in the football!
  2. I've recently had one framed for a mate who was promoted last year - you might want to chase it up. Check first with the badge and the CO to make sure the're not sat with a stack of LS&GC medals, waiting for an opportunity to present it!
  3. Chase it up. We all know what the system is like. A mate of mine got his a few years ago and sent it back as it was a really scabby article that didn't suit what it represented.
  4. That's a real concidence. I've also been a WO for 2 years and I haven't had mine yet. All the red-arses who got promoted after me have had theirs already. I just reported it to the clerks the other day. I didn't want to report it too soon incase TCH signed it.
  5. Mine came in an A4 envelope creased to F***
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    It's with Was Me's Red Book.


    If Warrant Officers are asking bone-head questions like this the Army is not in good hands. What do you do if your boots are too tight or your mail's not getting through?
  8. Mine's in a frame at the top of the stairs. :D
  9. I waited a year and then phoned records, it arrived a week later.
    I didn't feel the need to ask on arrse, I thought I might be clever/senior enough to find out....... :p
  10. You should chase it up mate as warrants have a limited shelf life (Date of travel etc)
  11. Please tell me you're not employed on anything important
  12. He must be or he wouldn't be hoping to be issued with a travel warrant. Really!!!.