Wheres Lofty?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by SKJOLD, Jul 9, 2004.

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  1. The story goes something like this.................

    Lofty is captured in Korea while part of the Glorius Gloucesters. Declared medicaly unfit to continue military service and is released.

    Lofty then trains hard and passes selection. Breaks his ankle in a bike accident and has to do it again.

    Visits arab countries Knocks out a donkey on the way up to some plateou in aden or radfan? :?:
    A top book that I would like to read again but cannot for the life of me remember the title.
  2. Is this the same Lofty who went on to write the world famous survival cookery book that went on to rival Delia Smith for "good 'eatin!"
  3. Cookery, Fcuked if I know. I just want to read the book again! :)
  4. sounds like lofty large or lofty wiseman (can't remember) so ask in your library - or look in microfiche catalogue. They may have it or be able to order it.
    Happy hunting
  5. Lofty Large
    Soldier against the odds.

    Found on amazon £6.39

    I enjoyed it the first trime round in the origanal hardback. But now it comes with an introuduction from Andy McNab so im a bit sceptical about credibility.

    Cheers Poppy! :D
  6. Anytime darling!

    Glad to of service
  7. Don Large: a very nice bloke, built like a brick shithouse, and his story is completely true. I went to his house for 'morning coffee' a few years back - introduced by a mutual friend - and he told a good few yarns. We sat in his small sitting room and he smoked so many Superkings while I was there that I threw up on the way home!
  8. Top book when read the first time round.(and second).

    I wasnt doubting his story, but why does McNab have to stick his nose in!

    Money! for McGrab:(
  9. McNab wrote the new intro for free, as I remember, so that Don could get his book republished and make a few quid for himself. Don was a bit of a hero at Hereford, but he published his memoirs before all the SAS hype and didn't make any cash from it: after he left the Regiment, he worked as a driving instructor. When he retired, Don was looking for a way to supplement his pension and 'McNab' offered to attach his name to the book as a favour to someone he admired, knowing that that would get it into the shops. So actually, thumbs up to McNab on this occasion. :)
  10. Will retire to my hole. :D Still a top book.

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