Where's Juan?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lechies, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. Now we know that our favourite Racist/Swordsman/Philanderer and general Sillyboy has gone native in another country and with that in mind I wonder where his tour of Australasia will take him. I believe his first stop will be a Farang's dream. Whilst in Chiang Mai, Juan has kicked the shit out of a monkey in an illegal Muay Thai match, because he looks a bit feminine and because he talks in a high pitched whine, the local authorities have mistook him for a bird and incarcarated him in here.

    Chiang Mai Woman Correctional Instution Print E-mail

    Address: 100, Rachawiti Road, Tambol Sripum, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Mai Province, 50200
    Telephone: 0 5322 1231
    Website: correct.go.th

    He's currently balls deep in English Drugs mules impregnating them to get them out a death sentence.

    He also helped choreograph this, you can see him in the vest and pony tail.

    YouTube - "Thriller" (original upload)

    So, where do you think sillyboy will go next on his travels, he's got a month to go, plenty of time to get into more trouble, pick a country, jail and reason why he's there. It'll give the twat something to read when he gets back.
  2. He's changed his name to Mister Doughnut. And is running a hotel for homosexuals in Tiverton.
  3. sort your stinking guts out you fat fucker.
  4. Maybe he's gone for a cheap sex change?
  5. if he'd stayed at home his missus was going to do the job herself
    at least thats the rumor i'm starting:eye:
  6. sort them out for me dick head or are you all talk?
  7. Oh thats better I thought he was talking to me.I was about to sue for emotional trauma.
  8. It might have been, consult your solicitor with immediate effect.
  9. hes in New Zealands Wanganui Prison for multiple counts of gross indecency on a llama
  10. Presumably, he molests it on a dalai basis?

    Some fucker's nicked me drum kit!
  11. In all honesty who cares?
  12. He's been jailed for "misappropriation of client funds"
  13. Did the big boy call you nasty names like civvy and twat?

    Oh dear, you know your a cunt when even sock puppets don't like you.
  14. He is still around under his alter ego (or one of many) perhaps?
  15. Upon arriving in Vientiane International Airport in Laos, he was stopped at customs and searched. The fine upstanding members of the Laos Customs Service were under the impression that he had a large quantity of Moroccan Grumble Weed in his anus. As such, he was hand-cuffed to a drain pipe in the basement of the airport and fed a potent cocktail of Ex-Lax, Paraquat, mentholated spirit and Joyful Julbrew. Six weeks on and the Laotian authorities are still waiting for this to take effect, unaware that this mix is what juan would normally enjoy of a morning to accompany his breakfast and Financial Times.