Wheres it all gone???

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by ClydeBuilt, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Allright?

    New to ARRSE so bear with me eh!

    Spent some time in CG as a boy soldier and the recent hi-def aerial shots have me looking over old ground these days, but I cant find anything remotely familiar about Catterick, my old lines are just...gone!

    I can find the main 'Helles Barracks'...I think, I was in 'Hooge Menin Lines' kinda up the road towards where the tankies used to play, past the stadium/running track we used to have there.

    No open air pool...next to the cinema/theatre.

    Anyone any ideas or info on recent developments, thats within the last 30yrs recent...he, he, heh!
  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    No. I have been and had a look. I could have sworn that Cambrai Barracks was the last one on the Leyburn Road, that the road that separated the Guard Room from the vehicle park curved to the right then left then up a humongous hill (that we often ran up on a Wednesday sports afternoon). But nothing looks right. Have to say that the rough moorland out the back of camp where we played soldiers in Basic is now a golf course and I could have sworn Catterick already had one somewhere else in 1973 when I first visited. And right next door was a battalion of Angle-Irons. The separation between the camps was merely the width of a stream in a little valley that housed a confidence area.

    Is there another Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire maybe?
  3. I can remember an 'alma cambrai barracks' sign in the vicinity, we were on the left at the top of a hill, not a very big place though.
    It ran onto a large field at the back that backed onto some MQ's?
    I know we could look across to Richmond itself and could see the Chieftans romping around on the hill in another direction.

    Across the road there was a large hall with a 'confidence course' in the rafters, loads of playing fields around it....the building that is!

    I passed through the area on the M6 a few times and couldnt believe how much it had grown. They moved us up to an old RAF base near Newcastle, that turned out to be a disaster with loads leaving after that.

    I guess thats a wee trip the wife and I will have to take in the summer, probably get lost though...
  4. At least somethings there! My first posting (at the tender age of 15) was Tonfanau in North Wales. All that's left now is the guardhouse, two MT sheds and the remains of the Baily bridge over the Dysini. It's now a motorcycle racing circuit.
    I wonder if we were to dig in among the trees in the north-west corner of the site, the remains of the tins - containing the next days sponge pudding (with a jam and coconut topping) - that we stole from the cookhouse and buried after eating the evidence, would still be there?
    Ah, happy days!
  5. Helles Barracks is the one on the right travelling down towards the roundabout. Vimy is the larger one on the left, with the most expensive armoury in the British Army!

    It was formally build as the secure ptarmign garages at a cost of £30 million.
  6. Was only ever in BMH at Catterick as a patient (though did return to visit various QARANCs) ... suppose that's gone too - and those nice QAs!
  7. Cambrai is still there if you look on Google Earth. With the moors behind it, Chieftain Road running through the middle of the camp and the 'Snake' road running up to the driver training area and the hangers accross the road. During Jan 78, when I was there those nice petrol tanker drivers were on strike and we were limited to an hours training per day. Used to take that just to get up the snake in that freezing Yorkshire winter :D
  8. Sorry bout the delay and NO I wasnt in prison !

    Google Earths new 'Street View' will be a right handy tool for anyone unsure of where to lob a required brick through a window it seems. Done a virtual wander in the area where I thought the lines used to be, theres a whole estate of married quarters there now, but its possible to walk through where most of the camp was way back then.
    Regular memory lane I can tell you, absolutely nothing remains of Catterick as I remember it, no open air pool, no large cinema, nothing ! In fact I struggled to remember much of anything to match up with the current layout.

    But it was worth the time for a short time warp!
  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Open air pool?!?!? I remember my first week in Basic being taken down to a pool that looked Victorian to do a swimming test. In fact a couple of years ago a TV programme was looking at the Victorian Manchester Municipal Baths and how they needed money to be saved as a listed building or something and thinking immediately of Catterick.

    What made it even worse was that earlier that year I had done the same swimming test in a very nice public pool in the centre of Chichester before telling the RMP where they could stick their truncheons.
  10. Remember the Dental Centre, on the right just before the Garrison Church.
    Once went for a filling and the prick Dentist said he wouldn't use Novocain as I was a Soldier and as such would feel worse pain during my Career.
    Like fook, did a swift one and got a huge bollocking for missing the Dental Parade - Bubbling Dentist Bastard!!!!
  11. Never had any call to see a dentist while in CG, but when we moved to Ouston we locked onto a good skive. You appeared on sick parade with 'howling' toothache or some other dental mailaise, no dentist meant a jolly into Newcastle to the dental hospital, surprising just how many opted in, but after a while they must have cottoned on, a mobile dentist van appeared soon after and our dental problems seemed to miraculously clear up for some reason ???
  12. When I say 'open air pool' bear in mind this is effing north yorks in early spring ! Snow was a regular option and we used to match the colour of those saggy arsed swimming trunks, E & E wasnt an option with 3-4 snugly clothed PTI's roaring and abusing you from the relative comfort of the poolside ! Never saw any movies in the picture hall either, but they did wheel in Eric Morecambe & Ernie Wise for a show for the whole 11 sig regt one evening, talk about ******* surreal ?

    We moved to Ouston later on and that was very much like 'The Prisoner' after Catterick, there was nothing army about the place and it looked like it had been mothballed since the sixties. You can give it the once over in GoogleEarth but only from the air, but enough to bring back a snigger or two.
  13. If it was the same Dentist you have my permission to squeeze the trigger gently, please smile before shot release as he doesn't feel too bad when you blow his Fookin' head off!!!!!!!