Wheres Gordon?

Actually Gordon is in hospital being removed from Mandelsons arsehole.
It's bit like that where's Wally thingy
Gordon has in fact escaped to Darkest Peru, where he has been captured and tied to tree, smothered with honey ... and left for the ants.

Bears had nothing to do with this, of course, apart from donating the honey.
What has happened to Gordon Browns famous and very often repeated saying,

"No more boom and bust."

Has anyone heard him say it in the last 8 months ?, I'll stand corrected if I'm wrong.
Gordon always does his disappearing act when attempting to distance himself from controversy. His cowardice is exceeded only by his incompetence and dishonesty.

This is a clear indicator he was behind the decision to release the Libyan mass murderer.
i think the wider point to make is that the country continues to run smoothly when all the MPs feck off for 3 months summer leave...erm,imean parlimentary recess!
Perhaps he's quit on the quiet! I wish we can only wish!

Up Mandlesons arrse and being surgically removed?
I liked the comment on the Guido Fawkes site (www.order-order.com for those who have never heard of it):

Aparently the comment is along the lines of "Typical of the NHS to remove the only non-malignant part from Mandybum".

And why did mandybum of Sao Paolo have his prostate gland removed? Is it because it has been battered to bits by his boy?

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