Wheres Frank?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by madeinuk, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. I'm searching for the bloke who inspired me to sign on the line. Does anyone know where Frank is? I last saw him on a beach somewhere with a bikini clad girl on his arm.

    Has anyone seen him on tour? Or has he signed off? Did he get as far as getting a Commission? :?
  2. He got kicked out 'cos the pictures you saw of him on the beach were actually taken when he was AWOL. The girl was his COs daughter. They now have 7 kids but have never married. Frank is a part time barman in Soho, and has 4 convictions for Possessing Class A Drugs with intent to supply, and is a male prostitute on his evenings off.
  3. So he's just yer average ex-squaddie, like. :D :D :D

  4. Frank is now spearheading the war on drugs telling kids how to say NO so may have reformed since Legs saw him last. He never married the CO's daughter as he is still awaiting his decree absolute from a previous tussle.

    Yep just an average ex-squaddie then.............
  5. The beach was at Belize. We don't get posted there any more :(
  6. He got promoted to the General Staff and now couldn't give a rats arrse about you!
  7. Frank was killed on a freak skiing incident in the alps, when a cameraman who was filming him crashed into him and he flew off a cliff.
  8. After viewing this thread, and my earlier reply, I was inspired to contact Frank. He has updated me on his life:

    As BigRed said, he was on an Anti-Drug campaign, but after his Decree Absolute , the CO's daughter (Tamara) has told him that she is pregnant with the 8th and 9th kids, and she has run off with the Padre (who is the father of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Frank is now back on Heroine and has sold his NI medal for £4.57 on Ebay. It bought him a Big Mac and fries, which he ate under his old MFO box down a Soho Alley.

    The Bar Manager sacked him because he smelled of urine and McDonald's Special Sauce. (Bruce McDonald also gave him Herpes and crabs...) He is now taking part in a Muslim Outreach Programme and is studying Bomb Making for Beginners at a Mosque in Birmingham.

    Frank (now known as Abdul Azeem) lives in Birmingham and is often seen walking down the M6 in search of enlightenment...