wheres BATUS

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stevie1967, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. i know its in canada but where about in canada?

    north south east west middle state or province?


  2. lve had a few scoops and nearly fell for it :)
  3. British Army Training Unit in Suffield.

    About 200 miles from Calgary - 270 miles from Bamff. Cross into the United States from Lethbridge.

    Google Suffield - It's on The Alberta Prairie..
  4. thanks lbdr pigshagger
  5. My pleasure.

    Spent three months there as DS on a MedMan in 1995 driving 'Red Tops' all over the prairie, re-surveying the BP Markers.

    The photo in my Avatar is showing me doing that very thing.

    Must have got my back wheels in every weekend, down in Medicine Hat. The women over there quite simply throw their legs up in the air.

    It's a hike and a few dollars back to camp if you miss the last 'Staff Minibus' back to camp, mind...
  6. The absolute middle of sodding nowhere. Really.

    Medicine Hat is what, 40k away? A long way for a beer, anyhow.

    And "all hell for a basement" according to Kipling.

    Edited to add: rumour (but cav, so not necessarily reliable :D ) tells me the feminist mayor got bounced from MH and the strip clubs are open again? And correct mong language.
  7. This is a very old cliche but Alberta really is the arrseend of nowhere. And BATUS is about 80ks up it. To go on the lash it is a three day camel ride at least.
  8. I been to BATUS over half a dozen times but never found Med Hat, whats it like?

    Ok wifes just gone out the room, I never threw loonies in the crack of the strippers at Cheetahs or the Bin and wouldnt know where O'Reillys, Alomo or any of the other haunts are.
    Calgary is a lot better with Electric (11th) Avenue, Cowboys and plenty of all day strip joints...............supposedly :oops:

    Bring on the paralyser guzzlers, zombies and jugs of beer (no glass required) :pissed:
  9. But Cheeters has no fanny now... shame
  10. A friend of mine got 'Horizontally' ejected from Cheetahs for flicking Loonies onto the snatches of strippers.

    He had been heating them up with a Zippo lighter, mind....
  11. Isn't that the only reason for going & a 23hr bar....
  12. Do you know me, i was booted out in 93 for alternately heating with lighter then next one in the jug with all the ice. Was back in for the next stripper an hour later, after going over the road to O'Reillys
  13. That's the thing about Canadian Bouncers. Get thrown out and an hour later they let you back in!

    Thick f*ckers.... :D
  14. Oy - I resemble that remark :?
  15. Fecking loved Med Hat on the lash... ended up getting charged for going diffy for 36 hrs :D

    Hated the bloody exercise though. Never been bitten by so many mozzies in such a short space of time :(