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Nearest neighbour 1/4 mile away, single lane track out front, no street lights for about a mile, and permission from the land owner to shoot the odd rabbit or pigeon when out with the dogs. Absolute bliss. Except in the winter it’s a bit of a hike to get beer!
My road is the pathway through for people walking home and often, after a night of much lubrication, I am treated to a serenade by passers by.

as child I lived in end terraced house which had a big old elm tree in the foot path,

an old fella lived at no.7 & used to come home worse for wear singing, pissed as newt he'd hung the tree singing to it too & promising he'd never let 'em cut it down ect...

his Mrs used to come out the house & drag him home, can't recall what he snag but had a decent voice & was funny to watch as family when I 8 or something
I went to Redcar once, it was shut, thank God. What can you say of a place that has a panoramic view of the chemical works at Middlesbrough?
You mean steelworks at Lackenby?

If you want a panoramic view of the area's chemical works, you need to be at Eston Nab - an idyllic location (it is really) with ICI Wilton in the foreground, ICI Billingham in the background and Monsanto's oil-cracking plant in between.

The view was at its best in the 80s at night - smoke and steam illuminated by the flare stacks and the steelworks. I miss it me.

People knock the atmosphere but we never had Covid-19 before all these efforts to reduce pollution.


Currently I live on my own right at the edge of town, at the end of a cul-de-sac which opens out to a big field.

I would say it's largely peaceful, but since lockdown, it seems the whole of town has bought at least two dogs now, which all need walking past my place apparently.

And they've all got them really, really long leads.

Every now and then I'll glance out of the window when I'm working from home and won't see a dog. Just see a lead under tension... It will be a good few seconds before I see the bloke on the other end being dragged along.
Small German Town that has everything I need. Great shops pubs and restaurants and a nature park just opposite complete with a lake.
I live on the farm in the first photo.
Oh, and I live with a gorgeous fit German girl.
Britain? Keep it.




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