Where would you target the last nuke?

As a variation on a theme of "which country would you declare war on", if Armageddon looms and there was one spare nuke, where would you like to see it land ... just to be sure?

Here's a starter for 10 ...

LancePrivateJones said:
Excognito said:
Goatman said:
In other words if the ship was lying off Woolwich, she could rain 2 shells per minute PER GUN on targets anywhere within the M25 from Watford to Croydon .
What a Capital idea :D
When I was based at Woolwich, rumour had it that the 'Gate Guardian' (alternately a gun then a rocket then a gun again) were calibrated to fire on 10 Downing Street.

I hope it was true.
I fondly entertain the hope that one of Her Majesty's V-Class Buckets of Sunshine is permanently targetted on Paris - that way, no matter what happens to the rest of the world come World War III, at least we will have done our historical duty.
Finsbury Mosque? Bought the nuke second-hand from Pyongyang, so likely to be a fizzle.

Might be a bit of fall-out nearby, but what the hell.....



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I'd like to light up Brussels. Just for a brief moment, light it up brilliantly. Job jobbed.
At a collection of reality tv presenters and "stars" and the gits who think it is worth watching and costantly talking about.

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Which ever of her sisters back bedrooms jacqui 'Stazi' smith is currently inhabiting.
Sheffield. Shithole!
I'd land the bugger right on the exit to the channel tunnel thus creating more of a challenge for the 'hard working' immigrants that want to enter our sacred land. As a bonus, they would be stuck in France for a while longer which the little froggies would not be best pleased about, har har.


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