Where would you like to see money spent ?

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Everything is about seeing money cut, but if there was some floating around what would you like to see being funded ?

For me it would it would be the whole CNO / VO side of things. Something as important as notifying and administrating the NOK needs something more involved than a one day course. Especially as most of the course involves what paperwork to carry out to cover both the individuals arrse and that of the MoD.
There should be a properly trained and funded department to cover the whole procedure. At the moment it is so ad hoc and disjointed it beggars belief.....

The soldiers on the ground and their families back home deserve better than this......
More helicopters so the NOK don't need telling that their husband/son was killed because he was riding in the back of some NFFP piece of shite along an IED strewn road?


More money on defence, nhs and policing and less on promoting political correctness and diversity and also eu and foreign aid.

Val da reeeeee......
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