Where would you Call For Fire and why?

Knighton Down Vidette - the ONLY 123 456.

If not stickies (Amesbury) - might improve the decor!


Brussels; more specifiacally The EU admin buildings...
Why? Because life would be so much better without all their stupid little rules and their plan to make us part of their army - who did you swear allegiance to?  The Queen or The European Union?

Report Guns Empty!
Why not just the whole of Larkhill? Gotta be enough MLRS to do the job in a oner  ;)
Why would anybody (except maybe frequency_changer  :)) want to blow you up Leeanne? You really must have a problem with Paranoia  ;)
FAO Leeanne and Frequency_Changer.  As you will see both of your messages have been deleted.  There is a certain place for that and it is not on this board.  I wouldnt have minded if you had even attempted to carry on the thread but you didnt.   Keep your squabbling in the B*tch fight and our of the Gunners Board.     :mad:
Back to the original question. I would call for fire on that "political asylum seeker" camp the other end of the channel tunnel. The bonus is that if a few rounds miss the target they will still be landing in France anyway!
Can someone do something about that stupid cow?

Get a life Leanne, you have clearly nothing better to do than annoy us at 7:53am!  Up early to get your Giro? :D
I would have to CFF on Cyprus as my personal opinion is it's bl*ody sh*te,i just can't wait to leave! ;D
Hugh Jass i would agree with you on that one matey,those people really annoy the hell outta me.We seem to accept everyone into Britain,give em jobs,clothe and feed the scabby ba*tards,i say send them all back to their own country,where they belong.We have enough problems of our own without using our taxes on people like that  :mad:

My moan over with now!!! ;D

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