Where would I be located???

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by no_surrender_rfc1690, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Im currently going through the process of joining the army and am looking to join the Royal Engineers as a carpenter & joiner. Ive been to the careers office and im now at the stage where I sit my BARB test. Providing I am succesfull on getting into the trade and there is a position available for me, where would I be based?? Not sure if ive misunderstood the guy at the office as the way he was putting it was that I would have to relocate as there arent any engineering regiments up here. I stay in Fife, Scotland where the Black watch is the local regiment. If anyone could get back to me on this it would be totally appreciated as I am confused,haha!

  2. Bogside, Derry.
  3. correct..you'll go away from home and carry out your training at one of the establishments in England..once you have finished your basic military training and trade training you will be sent "somewhere," but not always where you want to go! NI/UK or Germany are most likely.
  4. So does this mean im going to have to set up new home by renting or buying a place where I would be based? I did notice that every engineering reg is either based in NI,Germany and England so would I have to move permanently?
  5. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Throughout your basic training you will live on camp.. Once you progress to trade training and/or your new regiment, you will live in if you are single, accommodation is provided. If you are married you are entitled to a Married Quarter.
    If you are co-habiting unmarried you will either live apart as a single soldier or you will move her into local digs at your own expense.
  6. read your pms no surrender
  7. Ok I read the thread and and noticed there was quite a time delay between replies - I actually dont thnk anyone could pass a BARB test and be stupid enough to ask the questions posted - I thnk No_Surrender is taking the piss.

    No-one could be that stupid and pass selection to the RE (or at least I bloody well hope so - or the Corps has gone downhill since I retired!!)
  8. Well he did say he was going to be a wood butcher!

    I guess his first question was 'innocent' enough...but the second question, re: renting/buying accomodation, shows either a massive wah, or indeed a complete lack of knowledge on the concept of the purpose of a barracks! and if it isnt a wah perhaps he should be considering a career in the 'chunkies' part of the RLC!
  9. i did hold back.....surely it should've gone in the "joining up questions" bin.