Where will you remember

Where is everyone going tomorrow?

When I was in, I used to go where I was told. Last year I went to London and was whinged at by civilians as the crowd pushed and shoved to get a view of the parade. I am just a big bloke so 5'2 wimmin have trouble looking around me!

So, where are you going? :?
Sorry to barge onto the adults forum.

Tomorrow I shall be at the service in the garrison church (St Michaels) Tidworth.

Last year I was home on leave and attended the parade and service in my village in Central Scotland.
St Pauls - Royal Exchange - Mansion House
Hertford Town Centre
St George's Hall in Liverpool
I will be working but will make sure the announcements are done and that everyone is aware of the silence and the day

vandyke said:
Nigeria but will take time out from work, Do I observe at 11 UK time or local?
Whatever suits you. It is the act of remembering that counts.
Probably at home in the peace and qiet. Because see those going about their business and showing no respect for just a couple of minutes causes an almost uncontrolable madness in me. Almost like watching the hipocrical govenment ministers at the Cenotaph. RIP Charles Jock Simpson Killed N.Irlend with me when I was a Boy soldier and then when I joined the regiment he was there again. Till he wasnt.............
garrison church fallingbostel . and the pow memorial gates of stalag xib-357. remembering the 300 plus allied pows who died and the 30, 000 soviet pows .
Watching the service on tv,but not to see the useless government ministers throw their wreaths on the floor like dogends.The best bit is at the end when all the Vets march by,always gets rather dusty here at that time.

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