Where will I go for training?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by gmorrison22, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. I've just passed ADSC with a B and i'm wondering where I will actually will go to be trained at phase 1? First job choice is RE C3S, second is RS CSOP? According to wikipedia both Pirbright and Bassingbourn take on recruits for the RE so I'm not sure. ta.
  2. Pirbright i believe if its an adult entry
  3. Bassingbourn for engineers and pirbright for sigs, engineers stopped going to pirbright in 09 I think well thats when I did basic for engineers.
  4. I thought all Royal Engineers went to Bassingbourn for basic? @.@ Don't mean to be a knob but shouldn't you have known this info for your last interview? @.@

    Edited to add - Why are you checking Wikipedia and not British Army Website ?
  5. I do know it although there does seem to be some confusion about it, I've always said Pirbright and I've never been corrected on it. Just wondering what the actual right answer is now.
  6. I has this coversation on here before and I was right then just like i an now ;) it is atr b for engineers.
  7. It can actually be Pirbright or Bassingbourn if and when Recruiting Group decide....all depends on bed spaces and the CEG..........just wait out see hopefully what basic course you get allocated to.