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Where Will I end up

Going for my selection day in a few weeks I think. If I pass that I'm planning on joining the RE just wondering what ATR I will end up at.
Thanks in advance
Depends how old you are...

I (think, dont quote) if your 16-18 youll end up in Harrogate...
If 18+ Winchester

But like i said not 100% so dont quote...

Your AFCO will be able to direct you and point out where you will/could be going
You will go to Bassingbourne, Cambs...close to 39 Engr Regt and 33 EOD Regt. Great if you love Cambridgeshire, everyone will then (artisan, mech, emw) will go to Chatham, where you will do trade, learn real Spr history - life gravitates around Chatham - then go to your unit (only to return to Chatham -if you are one of Gods tradesmen!).
Surely from 'Bas' as a spr he will be of to Gib to do Knockering and Knots and stuff, before going to Chatham to learn the real side of being an engineer. If he is really lucky he might get near a digger.

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