Where were you when the planes hit?

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Ten years ago, 500 yards from my front door. The mobile starts going bonkers. I tell Ms Skid when she wants to know where I am that I'm
almost home. I am then ordered for once in my life to go to the pub now. Pub had a TV I hadn't got round to it. Spent a considerable
time gobsmacked and drinking Guinness.
Flying, listening to a long message on Guard and 121.5 telling all civvies to land their bug-smashing puddle jumping crap and leave the skies to their rightful military owners.


I had just gotten home from Double Maths... dad was channel hopping on sky and we spotted that suddenly bbc news was on bbc1 all day, we thought something big must have happened so turned to it... just in time to see the second plane hit. The text banner at the bottom of the screen said "America under attack" and I remember thinking "Shit, it's world war three!"
In my office in Amsterdam holding a conference call to one of our offices about 3 blocks from the WTC. The meeting was distracted somewhat and finished early.
I was at work in Londonderry, whinging at the standard of television broadcasts. I mean, evey channel was showing the same thing, how unimaginative.
Driving back from Chester Zoo, I had to say the Americans put on a spectacular Trapeze show from those two towers, lots of tumbling, I particularly liked the chap who managed to make himself swastika shaped before he met the pavement. Very good.
Making my way home from school dodging a batty old man shouting "Its the end of the world!" Not because of 9/11. Just 'cause he was a barmy old ****.


New York, I'd just finished a very difficult rewiring job on a couple of tall buildings....

Not really, I was at college, found out about it from watching it on a tv in the front of a shop on my way to work
The local recruiting office, not kidding. I'd just finished my interview when it all kicked off. The first I heard about it was from my American mates on the internet when I got home a few minutes later. It wasn't on the telly then or BBC News page so didn't understand the full extent at first. Then it came on the TV and I saw the second plane go in live. I remember thinking the second tower wouldn't fall even if it was burning because it looked so strong and robust. When it did go I was quite shocked, I was online to a mate in NYC at the time too and he was watchng it first hand from his window.



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At work in the MoD Metropole Building. The news was on in the next door office. Someone called us in just moments before the second plane hit.

Going home from work that day was weird. The Evening Standard kiosk at Embankment Station was mobbed. The number of people looking up was odd...
Sitting in my hotel room, having arrived in New York the night before, saying to the missus that we tomorrow we would be at the top of the WTC looking down at the rest of N.Y.C. We didn't know anything about the attacks until about 35 mins after they occured. We had a late breakfast as we were suffering from the usual jet lag, Only realised there was a small drama occuring when we turned on the T.V.
Was busy all day with Kent Police reporting the bloke who was living with my ex.
He had physically assaulted my 7 year old son and we sorting out the papers so it was the radio report at 4:45pm that alerted me, and, in my distracted state thought R4 were running a Tom Clancy based story as a radio play.
MT BLMF . crew room . watched the second tower get hit live on CNN . security when ape shit that night in Bosnia , everywhere was lockdown , Helmets and body armour on around camp. Incoming drills rehearsed .Armour on the gates. Was a rumour before the twin towers got hit that they were going to let troops into town and relax the security; nice one Osama Bin ****ing Laden was looking forward to a run ashore in Banja Luka you selfish dick.
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