Where were you when the Berlin Wall fell?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. We’re rapidly approaching the 20th Anniversary of this historic moment. It was so unique in the history of the world that I'm sure most folks can remember where they were when they first heard the, initially, quite incredible news.

    On 09 November 1989, I was living 16 clicks southeast-ish of Basel, Switzerland in a town called Pratteln. By 1700 hours on the same day, my darling Italian wife and I (that’s for Odd_Sarge :) ) had both finished with work and, after eating our evening meal, drove down into Liestal to go for a bit of a forage in the woods with our kids (one of our very favourite pastimes). After that, we bathed the kids, tucked them up in bed with a story or two and retired to the living room just to be with each other (another one of our very favourite pastimes). No telly, no radio, just us.

    The next day, I showed up bright and early (the Swiss, like the Boxheeds, start work at the most un-Christian hours) at the translation agency/language school I worked at in the centre of Basel, to be greeted by all manner of wild rumours about the fall of the Berlin Wall. Initially, I thought the whole thing was a joke and as likely as catching the Pope passing our free condoms in Rome. But gradually the whole, improbable, story started to come together.

    Having been a true Socialist since I can remember and having lived in the pukka DDR from June 1997 to September 1998, I was more than excited about this development and I eagerly looked forward to more news, for the Swiss public found the whole thing utterly fascinating. Such news wasn’t slow in coming, since on 12 November 1989, a DDR two-stroke Trabant puffed its blue-grey-smoke-belching way down the autobahn towards the Swiss border; its occupants evidently testing the boundaries of the “freedom to travel” promised by their panicky gobment.

    Yon couple, from Dresden, bless ‘em, were flagged down by the Swiss border guards and immediately surrounded by TV and newspaper wallahs. I watched on the telly the horrified faces of these adventurous folks, long used to arbitrary Stasi and Vopo violations of their human rights, as they struggled to come to terms with the new situation. Their totally impenetrable (for the Swiss) Saxonian accents didn’t add to comprehension.

    Anyway, their toll (Vignette) for the Swiss autobahns was happily waived and they were escorted to the Basel Rathaus (Town Hall) by the Swiss Old Bill and an entire rat's tail of wellwishers that got longer and longer with every click they covered, as more and more folks got to see and hear of what was going down. By the time yon completely bewildered couple reached the square, the whole centre of Basel was absolutely chokka with jam-jars.

    They were treated to coffee and biscuits by the delighted Lord-Mayor of Basel and bravely raised their hands in victory in the innumerable piccies folks wanted to take with them.

    That was then. But how startlingly different to the state of the DDR today.

  2. Probably in the Lamb in Leadenhall Market.
  3. In a bar, celebrating the fact.

    Pulled the trigger too soon though - the world's kinda gone down the shitter since, hasn't it?
  4. On Exercise near Hameln Ex Iron something or other. Remeber coming back down the route 2 and there being trabants broken down all over the place.
  5. Drunken haze in Hong Kong!
  6. Upon reflection, I should have been trying to put it back up again.
  7. In the radar crewroon in Ousten with my shift cpl watching my uk air defence role as a steely eyed anti Russian bomber radar fixer go down the tubes
  8. No where near it, you can't pin that one on me.
  9. Is it wrong to have NO idea :? i really can't remember! I was preparing for going to start training in London,but don't remember the day at ALL!!
  10. Probably at home wanking. Seeing as I was a young teenager at the time.
  11. Sat at home watching it on TV, incidently waiting for Basic training to start. I know...Nig.
  12. My thoughts as well.
    "It was like that when I found it Sir!"
  13. Can't you just imagine some Septic lead newsleader (or whatever they're called) hunting down a witness to the day and her/his laconic remark consisting of this? Of course, the person wouldn't say "wanking" (being Septic) but "jerking off" or whatever.

    Is there any better way than that to say: "Actually, I couldn't give a fuck about the GDR!".

    Way to go! On to other views.

  14. RUC Beleek,County Fermanagh. A month before PIRA decided to knock down our wall (with the help of 1000lb bomb in a tractor)
  15. Bugsy, please put your handbag away.

    You asked, I answered.
    I have no idea where I was when the wall fell.
    But at that time of my life, that is what I was prodominantly doing. So it's an educated guess.
    If you'd rather me give a 1000 word essay, spouting on about what the weather was like at the time, how the flowers smelt, what time I got up, & what I had breakfast before going to school. You are sadly deluded. :roll:
    It was a momentous occasion, but at the age I was, I can't remember exactly what I was doing.