Where were you for the last one? Royal Wedding '81.

My lot had just arrived in Falling-Borstal & MOD, tight as they are, refused to allow us a day off as we were booked on the ranges @ Sennelager so it was range stew & stewed brew for us while everyone else (the entire country) celebrated.

BTW: At around the time of the Wedding I recall a strange omen; the place went cold & dark in much the same manner as occurrs during an eclipse. It struck me as very strange...


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Working just round the corner from Buck House until 15:00hrs, then on the lash in Fulham until the early hours.
On Summer Camp, sat in the General Walker hotel in Bergesgarten watching it on the tv with a bunch of Spams and we were very, very drunk.
In the Mess at Picton Bks, Bulford. The Battalion was on ex at Thetford, leaving the athletics team behind to do some serious training.
Dancing around to adam and the ants and rubbing my baby cock along radiators
Stationed in Bracht with 3 BAD RAOC. Had champagne breakfast and then got blootered watching on German TV while listening to the commentary on BFBS. Party in Rheindahlen later in the evening.
..Was up a mast in RUC Gough Bks fixing some kit......
On my Field Section Commanders Course. We got the day off. So we could prepare lesson plans for the Saturday as we had the Friday off!
On the top of Langenberg in the Rothaargebirge.

Listening via a small wireless and as we all took a beer up there with us and had a toast stood on the top.
Thiepval Bks Lisburn, watching it on TV in the Mess & waiting for the next hunger striker to cark it.
I was at the JLRRA, Bramcote where a rather large party took place for all on Camp.
Hong Kong and on nights.

Eeeh, when i were a lad.....

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