Where were you 2 Bde?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stab, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. Major incident in Hemel Hempstead today - the world watched on (except the Belgians who cannot see anything now) as an oil storage depot catches fire and local Fire Chief confirms that 'it's the worst fire in peace time since the war'

    2 (NC) Sig Bde - where were you?.
  2. At home, drinking tea, and having a game of chess.
  3. So, no change then.....
  4. On Excercise freezing my >>>>s off, then again I might as well have been at home spending time with my family....What we were training for I do not know......
  5. Unless the Police, or any of the other emergency services, had asked for assistance - which they don't seem to have done. Hopefully ALL of (2NC) Bde would be in a pub. 'Cause it's Sunday.

    Must go, it's my round.
  6. i'll have 5 pints of Stella, and wot u gonna have the_Bat????????. Cos ur paying. LOL
  7. So, no change there then.

    Highly motivating, obviously.


    stab is an anagram of 'bats'
  8. I've said it before - 'spend more time with the family'


    stab is an anagram of 'bats'
  9. I'll have a Wadsworth 6X, thanks - Seeing as how I'm paying.

    Scaryspice, get your skates on they close in 30 mins.

    Bat :twisted:
  10. Not being funny mate, but it looks bloody dangerous

    besides which, the Sig Bde would only go if there was a comms need. To say, any other mil units, or if the communication systems (civvi) failed.

    So until then I will remain, like a meerkat, perched waiting for the next potential drama.

    or...........maybe not. :?
  11. Quite, given that every local seemed to be sending in camera phone pictures over the 2.5G/3G mobile networks, I'd say the civ comms was fairly robust and untouched. And given the amount of satellite uplinks back to the news studios I guess there was a major RF Hazard in the locale.

    To be honest, worse things happen every day - lots of smoke and fire makes a good story and the hype machine goes into overdrive. Now if it was Thameshaven or Canvey Island.........

    And now back to meerkat watch
  12. To be fair, 2 Bde would not have been much help - they don't have fire engines, they don't handle bulk fuels and the heavy lifting and salvage that the Bde's manpower could have been useful for won't start for days!! As for radios, well the police, ambulance and fire brigade all have much better equipment for comms and it might have further dented Bde morale to expose the boys and girls to that environment...
  13. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Dammit Bat - am I too late? Pint of cider please..... :D
  14. Lets face it, the worst thing that could happen if canvey was targeted would be £15`s worth of Improvment!

    And of course, space for more key worker housing in the thamesgateway,

    every cloud and all that :)
  15. Down the gym working up their MTD's?