where we ever that bad?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tigerduck, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. Im entering my last 18 months of an enjoyable career in her majesties forces and am having young scrotes daily, test me to my limits. I was proud that I had gone all this time and never had to AGAI, Charge, Or give anyone extra’s before because I used the "if you fucked up it shitty job time" and it seemed to work for 21 years but in the last 6 months I have had to AGAI people various times.

    Here are few anecdotes of what shit comes from there mouths.

    Young bow legged little fuckwit lets call him garbage. He is on 7 days ROP’s for a light fingered incident, comes into my office and asks “if I put a days leave in for today do you think the Provo Sgt will let me off my ROP’s for tonight because I am feeling a little bit poorly?”. Silence as I can not believe what drivel is coming from his lips. I then wait for the only joking staff, but no that does not come either. I then let rip and tell him if he is sick go to the fucking doc and get a chit “No chitty, no pitty” now fuck off!!.

    A little while later I then take a stroll along the shopfloor to the rest room. And I could not believe my eyes the little cunt was asleep. Now I was thinking should I wake the little princess up? Or should I just let him sleep and let everyone else do the work he is getting paid to do. Well I made my decision rather quickly and spit and snot started to fly from my face in his direction as I lost my cool a little.

    I don’t ever remember being that bad as a scrote? Or were we as bad as some of the shit that is gracing itself in the green suit today?
  2. Different Army now,I'm surprised you got away with 'raising your voice' to him? :omfg:
  3. 21 years ago you got a better class of scrote ... we would have kipped in the back of a Bedford with the tailgate up, not in the middle of the shop floor.
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  4. Or in the back of a 432, having a brew and a ciggie, when you were stagging on on barrack guard
  5. Or passed out on a pile of cam nets in the Tp Store for the morning after a heavy night in the Mess/NAAFI...
  6. I found it ridiculous that they left the Mortar hatches on the warriors open on the park. I was forever having to pop my head over the side of the fcukers in order to locate the bone idle.

    The army was clearly different in your day.
  7. I was forever having to stick my head out of the Chieftain turret to tell everyone to pipe down while track bashing as I felt a trifle delicate!
  8. The youth of today are terrible at avoiding work these days - as tigerduck alludes to, there is simply no effort put into it.

    If I ever wanted a cheeky sleep, I would at least have the decency to lie under a Land Rover with my hand taped to the underside with a pile of tools next to me so it looked like I was working.

    No imagination these days, bloody Playstation Generation....

  9. "Where we ever that bad?"

    What, in spelling or general grammar?

    Yes Yes, I know. I'm not really a neo-spelling fascist 2nd class, but it so deserved it
  10. i dont claim to be a english teacher fat cav. just a grease monkey who can rebuild a e type and make 30 grand profit. so here is a pie for your troubles. now back to topic.

    i remeber sleeping with my feet on the axle of the diff my ass on the t box and my head on the gearbox of a bedford that needed something doing to it back in 1992 when i was in the falklands, the scrotes of today just have no imagination.
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  11. No trouble to me TD, it was a pleasure.

    Made 30 grand on an E-Type? Really? Any relevance to the thread or am I supposed to be impressed? :)

    Me, in civvie jobs, several times I've locked myself in the First Aid room for an hour or so, purely in the interests of the monthly First Aid box audit you understand.
    In the army, pretty much everywhere. Cam nets, under a Cheiftain pretending to clear shite away from the belly plate, in the drivers cab 'checking' the batteries, the usual places.
    In Gütersloh many years ago, the Normans used to use the FLT to lift each other up into the post pallets several metres up in the racking to rotate on sleep shifts.
  12. I thinks its a sign of the times, they all know their rights, and what we're allowed and not allowed to do to them......and because of this they have no problem with arguing the toss with you (they're just the victims in this horrible experience called Life).

    Were we that bad? I think that we were worse from time to time, back in the good old days of block parties and not running home to the apron strings every weekend. But as we all know the crime is getting caught, and when we were we got fucked.

    Some of the shit I have to deal with now just depresses me...........
  13. Was it a Hollands Pie?.......Meetantatiepie?
  14. Skiving and having a sly kip used to be an art form. Punishment was instantaneous, frequently physical and invariably unpleasant. It could also on occasion be very imaginative and quite amusing...in a deranged kind of way. We didn't stand on our rights because we didn't have any.

    Just for the record: young soldiers today are shit, soft and indisciplined, they lack initiative, savoir faire and basic decency - and have done since the recce platoon slipped out of Ur of the Chaldees just before dawn several millenia ago. Tropper had to fill one in for having a rusty sword and gobbing off...
  15. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    and in those days filling in meant being buried up to your neck in it. upside down.

    where is general troppski anyway?