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I've just been doing a bit research about where we stand compared to the 'competition' - I use quotes as I don't think many are direct competition, but you get the gist.

The following is the global ranking of the site according to www.alexa.com. Lower is better obviously.

www.forcesreunited.com No 65,329
www.servicepals.com No 125,063

www.arrse.co.uk No 151,572

www.militaryforums.co.uk No 491,993
www.modreunited.com No 589,190
www.modoracle.com No 1,148,748
www.biscuitsbrown.com No 1,364,408
www.armynet.mod.uk No 2,519,628

Above us are Forces Reunited and Service Pals, although they are aimed at the older user rather than the mainly 25 - 45 (see age polls) whipper-snappers that hang around here. Also of note was that their usage is dropping quickly while ours is doing quite the opposite.

Even more boring than all that is that on average you (singular) look at 26.4 pages of ARRSE a day; the .4 being, I assume, the bit where the Mrs / boss / sex mad blonde interrupts you to force you to do something more boring instead.

Finally for reasons of pride and wallet-lining (fat chance!) I'd like to see us at the top of the list, although only if we don't have to rent another webserver to cope, in which case ARRSE pages will be strictly rationed.
Traffic Rank for arrse.co.uk: 143,334 :D

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