Where was this?

I was sorting through a pile of old photographs and came across several taken during my time in green. Thought it might be mildly amusing to ask some of the Old & Bold if they recognise where they were taken and what memories they invoke.

If it's been done before I apologise and MODS feel free to merge or bin it. (Yes I did several searches and came up with dick.)

Here we go then:


Thats the sign at Vogelsang, i remember the mad Belgian tank driver running over us, the bar and running up the hill from the lake , all the statues, minus their heads and bollocks .

Where be this then.
I have a similar picture at home, but taken from further up and to the left IIRC.
and of course, the eagle doens't exist....
It appears the "Where and What" thread and this new "Where was this" thread are the same bloody thing.
I did say in my original post that I did a search and couldn't find anything similar, also asked MODS to merge or bin if it was duplicated. Please excuse my biff search skills and I await a merge.
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Correct. Beaches were crap but spent some good weekends down in Happy Valley with cool boxes full of Keo beer and Pandemonium wine. Happy days.
I found a bottle of St Panteleimon on a supermarket shelf somewhere years after UNFICYP, shouted "Pandemonium!" and demanded we take it home so I could reminisce on my Cyprus drinking sessions.

It was disgusting. Somewhere down the line I'd developed a palate. Gutted. Never go back.
Had the same problem with Iron Bru.

******* awful stuff, only a tad worse than Lucozade.

And even far more gopping than Mountain Dew, Yank fuckshit stuff.

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