Where was this picture taken?


Where was this picture taken?

According to the legend it was taken in an Afghan record store in the 50s/60s, just made me think.
Stone them, the shameless hussies!
The film will be out shortly....

"Indiana Jones and the Legend of the Afghan Record Shop"

It is my understanding that prior to the wars, Afghanistan was quite the place to be and mini skirts were in. Certainly isn't now.
Are you suggesting the country regressed under the Soviets + Puppets. With the takeover of the Taliban how much remaining culture was destroyed.
You would need a time machine to make the pic Current Affairs !! :)
Scary to think what a bunch of inbred zealots can do. One step forward two steps back.
If you read The Kite Runner, that does allude to the relatively affluency of the place up until the late 70's. Being then stuck between the two Cold War monoliths wasn't the best place to be.
As been said, was a key part of the old hippie trail which in turn was the Silk Route.
From those in the know please, but how shaggable are the afghan girls?

Actually, how many blokes can truly claim to have got their leg over more than a goat???
From those in the know please, but how shaggable are the afghan girls?
Normally they are quite attractive, but you have to look through the ravages of the 8th world sh1t hole they have to endure. They are truely awesome people. As are a lot of the men.

Shame a few rotten apples spoil it all. Most of the nation couldn't give a fcuk less about what happens outside of the country, both good and bad. Some understand the 'bigger picture' but with no credible news or communications system many are extremy isolationist.

The country has been a bullies playground for far too long.
Thats a great insite into Afghans past. The photo of the soldiers is interesting, they are wearing German WW2 helmets.

A type of Stahlhelm.... These were the ones that were of the Irish 'pattern' after WW1. Has anyone one tour ever came across one? I doubt it. They've prob used them all in some form of IED! By now!

It just amazes me how Afghanistan can go from being fairly civilised and making progression, to allowing a bunch of uneducated religious zealots (so they claim to be), put your society back 500 years. Surely there must be people there who remember what it was like? After all they appear to hold tribal grudges for god knows how long!
Islam - so very progressive.......
To be fair, and without getting into a another religious debate, in its moderate form it can be. Every religion has it's moderates and also it's extremists.

Considering how many prodominantly islamic led countries around the world there are, they're not all hot-beds of extremist hostility. The ones that are, are now so because of the outside influence or minority extremists with external funding, etc.
Islam - so very progressive.......
I wouldn't say Islam is the problem at heart. Afghanistan is a failed state because it's been a squidgy plaything squeezed between competing empires, super-powers and ideologies for several centuries.

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