Where was SVEN

I'm not one to get on the political band wagon, but, when I look SVEN is always there defending labliar or the lab damns.

So where was he during the VC campaign?

I would've thought he would've jumped at the chance to use his connections to get things done!!!!

Prepared for incoming. :twisted:

hooped. mk


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Sven was reading the autobigraphy of Nancy del oliveio, just to see what appeal he has.

Oh! You mean a different Sven!
I'd noticed the lack of Svennish activity, too. Checked out his latest posts to see if he'd been away, but he's been on the forum fairly frequently while this was developing. So it's not as if he was off on holiday or anything.

Doubtless, there's a reasonable explanation: his connection to the Collective was severed when Tone left the country on his farewell tour.
mark1234 said:
Bit unfair to be honest, I wrote to my MP but didn't feel the need to post sying I have, perhaps sven has done the same?
Not an unfair assumption at all IMO. Maybe Sven is a racist when it comes to the good upstanding people from Nepal.
Sven has usually got a word to say about absolutely everything but even he could not defend the indefensible and being and old cynic I think he just kept quiet to aviod aprobation heaped upon his head [what's new you may ask? [LMF]
To his credit, Sven is currently trying to get himself off Incapacity Benefit .....

..... and on to the much more lucrative Disability Living Allowance.

This comes with a free car from gov.uk which will be essential for Sven's Lib Dem leadership campaign once Ming gets the boot.

Sven's disabled don't you know!

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