Where was all this kit when I was keen?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Themanwho, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Having just been issued the veritable mountain of kit now obligatory for going sandy places, I was in turns amazed, chuffed, angered and perplexed.

    I only took the warm weather kit, (short and shiny deployment) but I was amazed that I still ended up with 3 full bin bags of claggage.

    I was chuffed with the standard of basic issue, and the quality of the items issued.

    I was angered that I joined the Army 24 years too early to be issued this cornucopia, and now the gucci stuff I've purchased over two decades might as well be binned. Think of all the beer tokens wasted...

    I was perplexed when I wondered how the fuck am I going to get all this kit on my baggage allowance!

    As somebody whose last operational deployment was TELIC when we got knack all, I am pretty bloody impressed with the issue of kit now.
  2. Shhhh! Don't shout it too loud, the press won't have anything to jump up and down about on our behalf.
    What else will they have to report instead, the dangers of incoming fire or how its getting cold in Ganners now.
  3. Yep, and blokes still whinge about kit! If only they knew of the days of crisp packet waterproofs, bashas for midgets, webbing that shrank and boots that were utter poo. The kit we get nowadays is excellent.
  4. Don't forget puttees and jumpers for goalposts...
  5. And the old tin lids with the big spikes in the centre that cut through your scalp if the spider was shit.... :wink: the good old days.....god we sound old
  6. Does make you laugh watching crows going on the gate with every bit of softie gucci on and thinking back to gate stags you did where the warmest thing you had on was a wooly pully under a paper thin combat jacket.
  7. I know what you mean, the kit appearing now is doing more to make me want to get back in than anything else, sad eh? :cry:
  8. Ah, we were rock them. If you hadn't had trench foot by the age of 19, you were not trying hard enough!
  9. Interesting choice of Thread title...

    Are you not still keen after being in for 24 years?
  10. Inertia is a terrible thing - 31 years!
  11. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    Trench foot/athlete's foot/foot and mouth, you had them all and it didn't matter what age you were, if you had those vile rubber/canvas boots in Malaya.
  12. Glad I wasn't the only one who suffered this perplexing malady :D

    I got myself a 'Commando poncho' or something, no hood, lots of loops and about an extra 2ft of coverage!!!!
  13. An Aussie poncho! Yep, ten times better!
  14. I think that's a trick they missed when designing the new Basha, the press studs to allow them to be connected to one another.
  15. Keen? I'm barely breathing on a bad day. On a good day (and considering Christmas Leave has just stated, this is a good day), I'm just glad I'm in the dry, and not behind a desk.

    Fallshirmjager: Of course the kids whinge about the new kit, it's their God given right as know-nothing, wet-behind-the-ears crowbags. Just as it's now your right to tick about "kids of today".

    Whinging: an equal opportunities sport.