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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Proper_Gander, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. posted here a couple of times and you lads have been some great help, no idea how my postcount became so high though.

    i'll start at the beginning but try and keep it short. i finished my apprenticeship as draughty in switzerland and then went travelling, travel took a while longer than expected. been back in switzerland and am now working as landscaper to get some money in and pay of debts. (good excersize too!)

    i've been focused on joining the royal engineers for a long time now and i'm ready to join, really want to feck off and leave this country for good now, still need more money though.

    the thing is, how do i go about things if i join from abroad?
    i was thinking of moving to my brother in london and finding a job ASAP while going through the whole process.
    but i have no idea how long it all takes and how to do things. there's no carreers office in fecking basel just drunken dutch people who missed the plane back home.

    and once with the royal engineers, is it possible to learn more than one trade? i'd be interested in mechanic and/or carpenter.
    i'd hate being stuck behind the desk as a draughty though, i'm not joining for that! although i wouldn't be completely opposed from doing A BIT of draughty work in the army.

    is there anything i can do from abroad?

    time i got my arrse into gear, normal life does my head in
  2. obviously yes, i have a british passport and no other.

    i'm pretty much aware of what the RE involves and what to expect (as far as it's possible of coruse), the trade you mentioned is definitely the one i'm most interested in too btw.

    my queston really is how the best way to go about things from abroad would be... how long could it take from walking into the carreers office to starting training?
  3. 6 months minimum...anything up to 10 months +
  4. aye, i'll do a medical check up this week to be sure that i can actually join.
    then i'll look at a flight to luton. time i visited my brother there again anyway! (eerrr not in luton)

    i had so many other questions to ask but i can't think of them now, typical me :roll:
  5. you doing your own medical check up??.....beware when feeling your balls not to squeeze too hard!!

    good luck
  6. I thought the difficult bit was bending over and sticking one of your own digits up your 'arris ... unless your Jarrod of course :D
  7. does one actually spend a lot of time in the field as an RE? or would i spend most of my time in a garage on tour if i was a fitter general for example?

    (and no i'm not asking if i'd get shot at)
  8. Mate as a fitter in the Engrs you will touch your trade a bit (on tour or if you get attached to the LAD) but then be expected to go on the clerk of works otherwise its dead mans shoes. You will get the odd bloke who has only done trade postings but its rare. Look for HurraghfortheRE (check spelling) he's a fister (his choice of words) and ask him any questions you want mate.
  9. Quick one on fitter trades. I've been a fitter for 10 years now and I have done a lot of trade based work, in RE Fitter Sections, Support Troops and REME LADs, but now ALC have taken over engineer equipment there is not much call for us, until we go on tour having not touched any of the kit and be expected to fix it. Also as HS said you will be pushed towards the Clerk of Works Trade so much from the time you hit Lance jack, not a bad thing to do but it's not my cup of tea.

    Any questions or queries give me a PM

    At the moment I'm trying to fix a Reefer with some green string and NBC tape in 55 degree heat. (Living the Dream)

  10. Try rolling one instead. That way you wont care if you fix it or not. :D
  11. the only reasons i'd go for fitter are the driving licences (i have a B licence, mind) and simply learning how engines work... for daily use, kind of.

    (i dream of putting together my own car, without any of the fancy crap cars have nowadays, a simple car with the basics and some HP... and style, no tie wearing or vulgar crap)

    the main reasons why i'm keen on joining the RE though is because normal civvy life is too dull for me. i need a constant change of scenery, dirt shit and physical exhaustion, the odd pissup and stupidity, lot's and lot's of variety.
    on top of that of course is the national and personal pride and the challenge.

    i like to work outdoors nowadays too and don't want to be restricted to a desk.

    i hate working for the weekend, 5 days a week, every month, every year, every fecking decade. all the same :roll:

    so... is the RE the right thing for me? i would've thought so.
  12. The whole process can take a year or more from inquiry to getting a date for phase 1.

    Obviously AFCOs vary in quality but remember these people are not professional administrators and you have to accept that they are not going to be very switched on in dealing with paperwork. Just bear in mind most of the recruiters probably did not join up to shuffle paper and you'll get through it.

    I think the most valuable advice I can give you about dealing with your AFCO is: Check the information given to you if you even have a smidgen of doubt about its accuracy.