Where to start tracking mates?

Left the Devon & Dorsets in '89 after 6 years. Went on and then done some crazy stuff after that. Just wondering where would be the best place to post for possible tracing of ex mates etc. Is this site more for currently active service people?

some info here


The Rifles have also set up a system for keeping members of the new, and the forming, regiments, in touch.

I got this e-mail

Dear Riflemen and Members of Antecedent Regiments

In order to improve the speed and width of our communication we have established the means to register for regimental updates by e-mail at the following web address:


Once registered, you will receive periodic e-newsletters, notices of deaths of regimental members, alerts about events such as regimental dinners and reunions and alerts to items of interest on the RIFLES website.

This system will only be as good as the number of people who register and RHQ asks that you not only register yourself but forward this e-mail to as many members of the RIFLES and Antecedent Regiments as you know of. If the passage of information works as it should, we will be in a position of having an up to date and complete database of all those who have served within the Rifles and antecedent regiments with an e-mail address which could number about 20,000+. The data protection implications are limited as the data once captured will be stored off line within RHQ and in any case will consist of only your number, rank, initials, surname, e-mail address and mobile number. These details in isolation, even if mislaid, will not allow you to be traced to an address or give enough material to perpetrate a fraud.

If you wish to update your details at a later date simply re register using the link above and your entry will be updated. If you wish to be removed from the database at some future date simply e-mail aregsec2@the-rifles.co.uk with the word REMOVE in the subject line.

Yours ever

Lieutenant General N R Parker

Col Commandant

So follow this link and register http://www.voyager2020.com/mailmob_report01.asp if you want to get notices of reunions etc.
Dont forget things like facebook and myspace are probably worth a check along with friends reunited

Good luck

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