where to sew isaf flashes?



I prefer a tattoo, on the forehead. Can't go wrong then :)

No need to thank me for the advice ;)
Personally, I don't have a clue. But if you sew yours in the the same place that the bloke in the link has his, you'll probably be OK. After all, nobody told him he had it in the wrong place. :)


Oh, wait!
Look at the next link - at least one of them has the patch in the wrong place.

Pin it through your septum with one of the GBFO safety pins that came with the shell dressings you had to use at Jugroom Fort. Hope this helps.
11 Brigade have their ISAF flash sewn above the TRF.

I believe 19 Brigade had them sewn below the TRF.

So I believe it to be dependant on your Brigade.

Cheers, guys. Afraid its a bit of a last min thing, Golding is too busy to come.

Not for me either, Mrs is a reg Doc going out on 11 tomorrow or sun and has been warned off arrse by the powers..

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