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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rawhide, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. So I lived in the UK for most of my life, i loved it but wanted to try elsewhere, I moved to Australia and love it and durin that time i got a secondment to Wasington in the US for 12 months.

    I have an opportunity to get a job in the US which would include becoming a US passport holder. So that would mean giving my kids the opportunity of 3 different continents to live and work in.

    Which of the 3 would be the best start for the kids, the personality self awareness Aussies, the bitter and grim uk or ethe competitive gin toting yanksville?

    Duck I'm the gin toting pisshead!

    America UK or Australia for your kkids future?
  2. Its a good question and what lucky kids they are to have that kind of opportunity.
    In my opinion countries are like people there are good and bad in everyone. I have spent many years away from the UK by my own choice but for the kids that is where I would choose.There is a wealth of heritage there that if they absorb it will last them for ever.

    Having read the other posts, most with valid comments I would still plump for the UK (although the post on Ireland was an excellent persuasive one). You asked about the kids. It is not too far from anywhere with main air hubs and sea travel, excellent communications and stuffed full of cultural opportunities.The US doesnt have that and is still trying to find its own identity, same as Oz. My repy was based on your question. When you have done your duty and they have fled the nest then the world will be your oyster. That is if you survive the terrible teens
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  3. I suppose a lot would depend on your standard of living, based on income! The inner suburbs of Detroit or Chicago i take it would not feature?

    Lived in S.Dakota for a while, fairly laid back lifestyle friendly enough locals and good schools and facilities.
    My little sis' and family now live in Wisconsin, great area, socially, facilities etc, access to major air/rail links and some superb colleges for the kids, bloody brass monkey winters and red hot summers.

    3 family, and close friends relocated to Australia over the last 5 years with mixed results and outcomes, but generally they all seem to be better off financially and life style wise than they were in the UK.

    Me? of the 3 i would go US, lifestyle,financially better off, though now retired, and get up and go attitude which still exists despite all of the negative press.
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  4. Depends where in the UK if things are bitter & grim eh ? I,m having a fantastic time of things down here in Southern England. Can honestly say theres not many places I,d rather be right now. My Septic bride thinks along the same lines too. How does a job come with US citizenship ? If we ever move back to The States it,ll take me atleast 5 yrs minimum to get it ( if I can be bothered going thro all the BS ). As for Australia after a few family visits there I can honestly say I cannot stand the place. But one mans paradise is another mans hell. UK everytime for me. TBH the UK / USA are not too diffrent... both give you oppotunitys & both can go bad if you just sit back & do fuck all about it. Thas just my opinion.

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  5. All three are good if you have money , but if things are tight I`d avoid the US , Aussie would be best for the kids in my view , they can live in or visit the UK later in life.
  6. d) None of the above.

    If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
  7. For all the UK is down the tubes and the weather's shite and its full of pikeys, jakeys, junkies and foreigners its still the most beautiful place in the world. Show me something more breathtakingly beautiful than the morning mist lifting as the sun comes up in The Highlands or a still summer sunset in the Lake District. The people are the best this planet has to offer, our history and culture goes back to before time became time. We conquered the world with Balls of British Steel, were world leaders in everything from medicine to education, fighting to shipbuilding and were always at the forefront of technology. We created the Industrial Revolution and made the world what it is today.

    My kids (if I have them) will be British, they can cross the globe in search of greener pastures if they wish.

    Although the Aussie weather is much better and Christ on a bike the women here are fantastic, how do they manage to get their arses so perfectly sculpted, and do they practice that wiggle?
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  8. Pros and cons to all. If it were me making a relocation choice I'd probably opt for none of the above and go Canada.
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  9. Another point to concider is... You dont know what fastballs life will throw at you. The UK has a fantastic safety umbrella. For all its nay sayers & poo pooers the NHS is something to be proud of. I know American health care is better clinicly , but by christ you have to pay alot for it in Ins premiums. Filling out reems of forms & paying upfront just to see a Dr about a niggly health problem & then theres the cost of medication, no set perscription charges there. If a course of drugs costs 1500 bucks... you or your Ins Co pay 1500 bucks. If you are advancing in years its something to think about.

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  10. Move to Liverpool,everyone on here loves us.
  11. Fuck off you thieving dole scrounging workshy grief whoring cnut.

    (Don't think I missed any cliches there?)
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  12. Unwashed, tax-dodging?
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  13. Shell suit wearing, curly haired?
  14. At last,a cliche I disagree with,I'm less than hirsute,follically challenged as it were.
  15. Alright calm down calm down laaaar.