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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by taff_dee, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. about to start my phase 2 in gib a week monday and been told on the second day got to choose which regiment i would like to go to. my sec commander in phase 1 was from 59 commando and said i sould go there but not too sure myself as i would like to go to germany so i can get in some skiing any advice on the best regiment to go to for a good time and skiing in that order. have a choice between uk or germany and then if i want to specialise in armoured, amphib, eod, 59 or air assault. bee lookin at 28 what do you all think
  2. So,

    You'd rather go to Germany than 59 so you can go SKIING? :?

    Methinks you might want to take a closer look at what the Commando role entails.
  3. Once you've tasted life in germany the only spec role you'll want is armoured so you can stay in germany
    And the thoughts of 59 and the likes will be just a distance memory
  4. Or bacon (with mandatory oiley fingers) :D
  5. I didin't think you got a choice where you went unless you did go 59 or 23. I had a few mates put in for EOD and they got Germany and another mate who put in for amphib but got 23.
    I told them I wanted to stay within the UK and got Germany. Surely they just send you where they need your trade. Anyhow if you have any intention of 59 or 23 then don't wait till you've been posted to germany cause like HEART_STOPPER said

  6. Is it just me who thinks that was a paperwork fcuk up what with it being 23 Amph?

    28? I'll have some of that thank you.
  7. Your prob right but I know the poor lad got to 23 reg and got put straight onto his pre para. He tells me he didn't want to do it but I have my suspicous especially as I thought you had to voulnteer for it first.

    I've heard good things about 28
  8. 28 are just feckin riggies.

    if you want to be a PROPER engr stay away from 28.
  9. Total agree the are just a bunch of self opinonated puffs ( bring it on you lazy riggies)
    Try 35 or 32 as 21 will be back in the UK soon
  10. Go 32 Hohne you will have a great time especially in Oh la las and candy club!!

    Armoured the way forward!!

    No responses please Knocker!!
  11. you know it is coming fella, tankies are only JUST above the evolutionary scale from feckin riggies.

    Cbt Engr all the way pal & artisan trade as well.
  12. I think what he is trying to say is go 32.

    Are you at Chilwell yet Knocker?
  13. nadda, not yet but very shortly then off to sunnier climates :D :D :D :D
  14. dont go 32, ...........

    but do go armoured,(paderborn is ok at the mo) with the imminent intro of Titan and Trojan, its a good place to be Armoured that is..
  15. Put in for 35 mate, or any German posting.