Where to go to?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by angular, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Emigration seems to be a topic of conversation now among friends and acquaintances, now that the prospect of a Brown-Clegg government is taking shape. Sponging fcukers I know like doctors, construction engineers and business owners are all thinking of going somewhere else, and I'm thinking of it too (got to persuade the majority shareholder yet, but that's another story).

    Where's the best destination? I favour the US, but Canada, Aus and NZ all have their attractions. We'd be looking for reasonable taxes, good education for the kids, work opportunities, safe neighbourhoods, English as the main language and a democratic government. In return we would work hard in private industry, and raise our kids as citizens of that country, rather than as displaced foreigners.

    Part of me says we should stay, and be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, but if the Tories lose this election we'll be a province of the EU in 5 years time, and it'll be too late for us as a family to gain any of the necessary permissions.

    Does anyone with experience of making this kind of move have anything constructive to offer?
  2. Why does part of you say that? Do you honestly think your contribution matters one jot to whichever shower of shit get into power? Look after yourself matey cos no cunt in this fucking country will. They want your taxes and fuck all else.

    Take what you have to offer and make a go of it somewhere else. Good luck to you and I seriously hope it works out cos I am out of here just as soon as I can find some fucker to adopt me.

    Don't actually mind paying my taxes just can't abide the lack of democracy and the inherant fuckwittery of every cunt that steps through the doors of praliament. That, and the waste!

    like I say good luck!
  3. Ontario, Canada. If you sell a property here you'll get something really good overthere. Schools are good, healthcare - as good/bad as here, dentistry - damn sight cheaper than here. Low crime. I lived in southern Ontario well run towns, good communities. Alcohol run through the LLB - lichor licensing board - you cant buy it in supermarkets, basically Province buys in bulk and sells it to you. Used to buy Pussers rum for £10/ litre. Profits pay for healthcare (I think). If you are into outdoor stuff - great places to go. Drawbacks - weather can be crap for 5 months. But if you like winter sports it might appeal. Main problem is employment - lots of immigrants so lots of competition but there are also opportunities for doing your own thing. Further north you go in Ontario - cheaper it gets and wilder - expecially the locals. Think now entry is quite strict but Canada in general a good place - in my opinion (for whats its worth).

    Good luck