Where to go sea fishing?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by EX_STAB, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. I'm hoping to get away for a weekend sea fishing with my brother. We don't get to see each other very often and we're looking forward to a chance to have a good chinwag, a few beers and a spot of fishing.

    Sadly, we're about as far from the seaside as it's possible to get (Staffordshire and Derbyshire)

    I love the fishing on the West coast of Scotland but it's a bit far just for the weekend.

    So where can you suggest that we can catch a few mackerel, have a barbecue and get some pub B&B without travelling huge mileages?
  2. North Wales coast aint too far and has some good sea fishing. You looking at jumping on a boat? If so, there are plenty along the coast there. If you fancy going a little further, Angelsey has a few good spots.
  3. your just about in the middle of the uk. i would recommend scarborough but that may be too far. I am sure there will be some around the east coast like skeg.

    Why not try flyfishing at rutland water

    some cracking trout in there, you can hire all the gear and the pub near the water is pretty good too.
  4. The sea?
  5. what about a spot of fishing just off antarctica?youll be on your own so a catch almost 100% certain!
  6. Try Bridlington
  7. North Wales is certainly the most likely option. No boat sadly so we could do with some hints as to where there are some good spots for a bit of spinning. Ideally where there's deep water near to the shore.

    By PM if necessary to avoid half the world turning up on your favourite patch!

  8. You can jump on boat trips. Reasonably cheap and there are plenty of them. The only trouble this time of year is you'll have to fight off pasty faced grockles from Brum on day trips.
  9. Menai Straits - not a bad place to wet a line. As an added bonus all the chav scum single mothers will be inhabiting the caravan parks at this time of year so getting laid wont be a problem. Dont worry about stinking of mackeral, it'll put you off the smell of their clackers.
  10. Looe in South East Cornwall, is an ideal spot for sea fishing