Where to go on leave?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by London_native, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. My mum lives overseas, my brothers all live with GF and kids so where do i go on leave? I'm told both RRF battalions have SLAM now, is it possible to stay there? I don't want to have to sleep on couches of floors either, what are my options other than imposing? I'm a tight bastard too so don't want to pay out money on B&B's and would rather stay in the unit block.
  2. Seriously, you cant find anything else to do ?

    Your room is your home, you pay rent and council tax to stay in it. If you want to stay, you can stay.

    Top tip, don't let it be known you are staying unless for safety reasons unless you might find yourself stagging on when all your muckas are on leave.

    Edited to add, don't worry too much about it you won't be the only one, every unit has it quota of orphans, i.e block rats.
  3. Thanks fb69, really good info.
  4. See if you can get a cheap flight somewhere. I got to Calgary for £60 once, rented a car and Fucked off to Vancouver . It was fookin ace!
    This time of year flights to Cyprus/spain are cheap as **** too. The resorts are quiet, but theres still plenty of oppertunity to get your end away...
  5. Did you do that with friends? As it wouldn't be the same without people with you, i have no prob doing this, just not alone.
  6. When I was serving, I was in similar situation. My parents lived overseas as did 3/4 of my brothers and sisters. Can't remember ever staying in camp for leave though. You'll find mates you make in the Army will invite you back to their homes or a group of you will go abroad on holiday. At least once a year I went to see my parents. Then of course there are the times you'll spend with whatever partner you have at the time...
  7. Thanks G_M65 and thanks in advance to anymore replies.
  8. Went with a couple of people. Canada-there was this AGC bird at a loose end......
    Ended up in Malaga with a mate with a different cap badge...drove to Granada and got kicked out of a bullfight for being pissed
    Went to Cyprus on my own. Went scuba diving and banged a Latvian chick who was working in a bar. Tops!
  9. I bit more cost involved in this suggestion, but think of it more as an investment.

    Similar situation when I was in but also a case of a piss-poor posting with nothing to do but drink yourself to oblivion...anyone posted to Hohne will know what I mean.

    Bought myself a motorcycle and spent every weekend or leave riding somewhere....Hartz Mountains on a weekend...Czech,Poland,Bavaria on a long weekend and even up to Norway/Sweden on longer leave.Really enjoyed the travel, made some good friends and got invited to loads of bike piss-ups.
  10. That's a top tip, I did the same, first with a bike then a car.
    Don't waste your leave by sitting in the block polishing your knob, get out there and see the world. And don't be afraid to go solo. You may not be comfortable with the idea at first, but trust me, if you travel with an open mind and a sense of adventure, people are more forthcoming and hospitable than you might expect.
  11. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    back in the 1970's we used to go to Denmark around Easter and stay in a hotel / brothel. The Easy Bar in Copenhagen, next to the Windsor bar and the Spunk Bar ... yes that was it's real name .
    Later on it became fashionable to go to Spain .

    However if you a tight git , why not book a sleazy jet / air fungus ( or your local equivalent.) trip to some obscure place like Iceland or the north of Denmark AALBURG? . There are some fantastic deals in these odd places . Take a few CD'S OF THE LATEST TOP TOONS FROM THE UK AND YOU GET A CHANGE TO PLAY THEM IN THE BACKWATER BARS AND IMPRESS THE LOCAL TOTTY AS WELL. ( CAP LOCKS! cant type all that again ) If you stay in the pit in years to come you will be sorry you missed the chance to flit around as you liked.
  12. You should do what most of us budding recruits are doing and concentrate on getting through basic first.