Where to go from here, plans to go to Sandhurst...

I am thinking of applying to go to Sandhurst in January. I have an Engineering Degree and did four years or UOTC, finishing up in '06. I am living in Ireland and therefore there is no local careers office but I plan on being in the UK at the end of the month so will go to the office then. I wish to be totally prepared before then and I am wondering how the process works from initial visit to the Careers office to the Main board (if selected). I am currently working on my fitness and trying to get as much info as possible. I'm 25 this month and Irish female...will any of those factors affect my chances? Thanks for listening :)


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Everyones process seems a tiny bit different, mine went;

a) Visit to the careers office for an interview with the Army Careers Advisor (Officer) (ACA(O))

b) He arranged two familiarisation visits one to Warminster for the infantry, one to the Royal Artillery also I had an interview with the Rifles, this was to get them to 'sponsor' me to the through the AOSB process. (Sponsorship is merely an Admin thing i.e. your sponsor becomes responsible for the paperwork)

c) I then attended the AOSB briefing at Westbury lasting 2 days

d) Depending on your result from the AOSB Briefing, you then attend the Main Board which lasts 3/4 days. If you pass you then book your place at RMAS.

Some people do most of their visits after the main board and are sponsored through AOSB by their careers advisor.

Hope this helps a bit,
Good luck

I don't think being Irish makes a difference - unusual, but not unheard of (to join British Army, not just the fact that you are Irish!).

As for female - again, no show stoppers there. We do allow them in!

Having done UOTC, you will know a bit about the system and how infuriating it can be. Do you have any idea of what you want to do?


My understanding is that the Military Attaché's office at the British Embassy in Dublin acts as point of contact for recruiting enquiries, so you could give them a call and save some time. As far as I know, Irish Citizens are treated as British for the purposes of Armed Forces recruiting (and voting, residence and most other such things in the UK) so your nationality shouldn't be an issue.
Contact the AFCO in Palace Bks in Belfast. They will fly you up there for a visit/chat and start all the paperwork if you want to proceed.
Thanks all, I will contact Belfast and see what they have to say. I was initially looking at REME but it is not really my thing, I am interested in the RE or Intelligence, surprising as the last bit might sound :)

I am very hands on and have varied work experiences, anything from construction to water and drainage etc I have civil experience even tho I am a mechanical engineer. I also did some MACC tasks with OTC and I thoroughly enjoyed that side of the Engineering. We did a bridge and river diversion and drainage system in Cornwall a few years ago I loved it. I am very interested in sport also, I played football for my county and rugby at Uni and love both so would like to get involved there too.

With regards to being Irish I was in the reserve here for 3 years before hitting UOTC (I sound like a real turncoat lol) and I have many friends here in the Defense Force and ultimately it is just that, I am more suited to the pro active and my UOTC experiences have opened my eyes to life in the British Army, I believe it is more suited to who I am. Thanks again folks..

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