Where to go for £700?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Judge Judy, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. Very shortly, I'm going to have £700-1000 spare in me sky rocket which I thought me and the frau could use for a weekend away. I'm keen to take her to Amsterdam (ho-ho) as she's never been but struggling to think of anywhere beyond that really. Any other ideas?
  2. My shed, close to Exmoor!
  3. Go for the romantic gig, take her to Paris. If its all to much for you after a days shopping and coffee, go on the Revolution trail and get your fix of big whacking knives and stroppy peasants!
  4. Most kebab shops are shitholes.
  5. Amsterdam? Wise up! The way to a womans heart (and into her knickers) is winter sun. Get her somewhere warm where the booze and food is cheap. Have you thought about Tenerife? Cheap this time of year, warm enough and no annoying crowds of boozed up brits addicted to ******* X Factor.
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  6. Prague or Split
  7. Buy gold and stuff
  8. Weston super Mare?
  9. Rome - Google City Apartments
  10. Dignitas. You can save on the return flight coming back on your own.
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  11. WOT and why ??
  12. If you can get to Gatwick easily, take her for a pre Xmas break to Naples.

    It has some of the best Christmas cribs on display, no bloody shitty 70's Christmas songs blaring out, lovely buildings in the historic quarter, excellent food, all at a reasonable price.

    We went in October and thought it was the best city break we'd ever had.
  13. Take her to Whatley manor in Wilts. A room for a couple of nights will be just over £600. It has a restaurant with 2 michelin stars. Spunk the remaining dosh on food and treatments in the Spa there. You'll love it.

    The restaurant does a tasting menu for £99 a head. Worth every penny.